Pennsif on DLive : 'unboxing' of parcel from @papa-pepper [26 January 2018]

in wales •  2 years ago  (edited)

We have our first Wales steemit meetup on 10 February.

I happened to mention this in a Discord chat to @papa-pepper. He very kindly sent us a bundle of goodies for the meetup.

The parcel from @papa-pepper arrived the same day as my new webcam.

What better way to celebrate both these arrivals than by doing my first DLive broadcast with an unboxing of the parcel from @papa-pepper.

Many big thank you's @papa-pepper.

This is an edited recording of that DLive broadcast.

As well as DLive broadcasts I have a new radio show on MSP Waves Radio - The Alternative Lifestyle Show.

It is on Fridays 10pm - midnight UTC.

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Nice to put a face to the name. Good luck trying to show us the webcam, whilst using the webcam... Hahahaha 😂

How bout using a second webcam to film the first?! :D Awesome that @papa-pepper has sent some extras for the event! Many thanks!

Wow it have been months, I miss your posts. Interesting @pennsif

Nice to put a face to the content. Hope the meet up goes well. Hopping for one near me. Wales will have to set the trend :) 💯🐒

@papa-pepper is a very good person and i only wish I am a whale already.

That is just awsome..Good Luck with the meet up, do share how it all goes, please.

Cool stuff receiving random gifts!!
Its a good Steemit courtesy to give back!

Indeed, that's the plan. But I want to keep it a surprise 😊