If you’ve ever had the thought, “There’s got to be a better way”….

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As part of waking up, I’m always exploring many different concepts and theories with an extremely open mind. My mind has been really blown wide open. What I once thought were some ideas and possibilities of understanding how the world and our lives work, is now all becoming to make a a lot of sense to me and the “crazier” the theory sounds, the more it seems to resonate.

When I say resonate, I mean really allowing myself to feel the idea and run it through my intuition and try my best to leave out the logical thoughts that my ego wants to use. I believe we know, we just forgot, and exploring these theories can certainly begin to jog the memory.

It’s been a fun exploration, but I will also say, it throws you for a loop and you start to question everything. The way things are, start to become so unauthentic and stale. Old ways, old beliefs, and society norms become outed and seen through a totally different lens.

The individual effect this has had on me has caused a bit of confusion. Time to digest the information and new way of seeing something almost creates an empty space. I sometimes struggle with moving on, moving forward, knowing some of these insights, and really not sure how to adapt, develop and live from that new truth.

"I didn't change, I just woke up.".png

From health care, government systems to scientific reasoning, “proved theories” and beliefs, its all now up for question. I can see right through the flaws, intentions and what I believe to be a tactic for keeping us asleep.

As much as we want to believe we have these government and health care systems are going to come save us when times get tough, is the worst delusional belief we can have.

They have a way of pretending that’s going to happen, and delusional enough that you may believe they have already saved you in some way, if they did, it will be with much sacrifice, the price will eventually be paid. We are all paying the price, until we wake up fully.

There is so much undisclosed information being withheld from us, that we can’t rely on it coming out anytime soon, we have to listen to our gut and start acting from a place of begin more awake, now. Taking our lives into our own hands, going against the grain and shifting the power back into the hand of the people.

There are alternatives to it all. There’s a power each one of us holds that's a threat to many of the evil things that are going on and have for many years, especially as a collective.

From every little small choice we make each day, like eating foods that that are from a clean source, seeking alternative medicine and prevention, not watching their versions of the news and getting more and more comfortable drawing our own conclusion.

Now is the time, more desperate than ever, to become a student and self-educate yourself.

This is challenging because a lot of the information is sometimes hard to find, its not organized and scattered throughout places like books and the World Wide Web, but it’s there, and we have the ability to sort through it and find truth that resonates.

We need to stop “taking their word for it” and following and trusting people, governments, and professionals that claim they have all the answers. Their agenda and our agenda and/or perception are pointing in two opposite directions. Don’t be naive.

How much more wrong does shit have to get before we have the ah-ha moment? How many more people will have to suffer? How many more generations will have to exposed to the ill effects of the world?

My gut knows one thing for sure, our true nature is joy.

We aren’t meant to have joy withheld. We aren’t meant to struggle and work so damn hard just to survive. We are meant to thrive. So if you’re not thriving, adjustments need to be made and a realization that the adjustment comes when we start to boycott almost everything we’ve leaned and know.

It’s seems extreme, yes, but we are in extreme and desperate times. The sooner we wake up the better. We are only fooling ourselves by not doing our own due diligence and becoming 100% responsible and aware of truth.

If you’ve ever had the thought, “there’s got to be a better way,” you know it, choose to believe it.

Choose Love, Choose peace, Choose truth, feel it with all of our begin and know, that's what's for you.

This writing came flowing through me this morning and I was inspired to share.


Glad you shared!

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Totally agree! 💗

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