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RE: SteemFest4: Steem as a platform for business

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If I remember correctly, we had a chat last year at #SteemFest3, when Waivio was just an idea. And you do an incredible job of teaching people about Steem!

Waivio needs hands-on coaches to help people start their own businesses. It should not take more than 3 months for a person to start a profitable business here on Steem:

  1. create 20+ listings of local restaurants with 10-15 dishes each on ;
  2. register a business, open a bank account, make business cards (e.g. CEO of "Italian Dining in Vancouver, Ltd.");
  3. launch a review website using all relevant listings in the region (Waivio would allow the creation of customized social sites);
  4. fund a limited number of reward campaigns (awareness and a landing page for ads);
  5. promote rewards to local reviewers (GEO advertising on Google, Instagram, Criagslist, other social channels, etc;)
  6. Sign up restaurants, convert fiat payments to STEEM using local OTCs (over-the-counter exchanges), configure reward campaigns (separate accounts to simplify reporting);
  7. monitor reviews, manage payments (Waivio tools: accounts payable/receivable, customer support, invoicing, reporting, etc;)
  8. establish recurring reporting and invoicing procedures;
  9. optimize ongoing operations through outsourcing (e.g., quality assurance of reviews);
  10. sell the company (full transparency of on-chain transactions).

A typical guide will serve 20 to 50 restaurants and a city of one million inhabitants (more than 4,000 restaurants) offers enough room for 100+ guides. The program can be further extended to breweries, vineyards, all kinds of other businesses, e-commerce, travel, entertainment and much more.

And thanks for your vote on SPS. Hopefully, we will be able to get enough votes of support to speed up the development and finalize the platform.


you must be mistaken, it was not me at sf3. but thanks for reaching out. on this occasion i'll have to say no, i've got a lot on between now and early next year. i wish you the best however and i'll add this to (waivio)

Thank you for the clarification. We will continue to build and polish the Waivio platform, so that it can serve as a solid foundation for people starting their business on Steem.

best of luck!

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