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Just another day on the crapitalusts' hamster wheel.
Here we are again, dear reader, grinding away in the rat race.

Why sooo many of you refuse to accept that crapitalism will not save us from the ailments that come with rule by force is beyond me.

If you could explain how funneling money to the top of the heirarchy is supposed to make life better for the people not getting money funneled to themselves, but doing all the work?

I mean, it's a simple question.
How, exactly, is the line worker benefited by the shareholders getting bigger dividends?
All the value generated by the company comes from the worker working, not the shareholder holding.

How is the worker benefited by record profits?
Just the whole premise of crapitalism flawed.

It separates us into haves, and have nots.
Even if fiat currencies weren't in the mix, the have nots get the crap jobs even paid in gold.
The less you have the more likely you are to be trapped at the bottom.

The people doing the most work are getting the least money while the owners get richer on the backs of folks barely getting by.

This can all be short circuited, on any given Tuesday, by refusing to pay for stuff while continuing to produce the stuff.

If the crapitalusts use their duped thugs to force us from the factories, they don't make any money.
We can build our own factories.
If there is starvation in the interim, blame it on the crapitalusts that would rather kill workers than surrender useless property built on the backs of the lowest wages possible, because, crapitalism?

It is time to open your friends' eyes, dear reader, the paradigm is shifting.


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