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Hello Wafricans

It's the one and only @nmalove here again! On behalf of wafrica curators, I want to say a very big thank you for using the #wafrica tag and being part of our community, there is no Wafrica without you.. Keep the posts coming.

Without much ado, here are my 6 favorite posts for today..

@zyzymenaASAKE! A WHILE TO TARR..https://steemit.com/fiction/@zyzymena/asake-a-while-to-tarr-03750f7d37b0f
@korede-artsoriginal ballpenart drawing of a very gorgeous Nigerian actress / final drawing showing the step by step of Funke Jenifa Akindelehttps://steemit.com/drawing/@korede-arts/original-ballpenart-drawing-of-a-very-gorgeous-nigerian-actress-final-drawing-showing-the-step-by-step-of-funke-jenifa-akindele-7eb56b528ce18
@okoroA passionate drive person is usually a successful onehttps://steemit.com/motivation/@okoro/a-passionate-drive-person-is-usually-a-successful-one-380503e56d45f
@hermannsolThe race of lifehttps://steemit.com/motivation/@hermannsol/the-race-of-life-2d8146699ff39
@josphirreBeing My Father's Son part2https://steemit.com/freewrite/@josphirre/23qeax-being-my-father-s-son
@t-flamesTales of Depression!https://steemit.com/stach-dsw/@t-flames/tales-of-depression

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  • Do use English to write or provide a translation so the curators can comprehend your content.

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Much love from @nmalove on behalf of @wafrica curators:
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Kudos to @wafrica for the amazing curation work you guys do. Cheers!

Thank you so much for featuring me on the favorite list today, I really appreciate your effort.

Gracias mucho @wafrica..

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Thank you for all the support and all you do W-african curators.