my life's biggest regret.

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I was raised up in a christian home. I was taught how to be simple, obedient and caring. I was also advised by my mother to always stay away from bad companies (as evil communication corrupts good manners). I followed these principles diligently.
When i got to the university, i met the good, the bad and the ugly. I started staying close to all of them with the thought that i was already a bona fide christian so i cannot be corrupted by any of them. Surprisingly, Chidi, Edet and Akasa became my very close friends (these three persons are the most notorious students and to crown it all, they are cultists). I was having a funny belief that i could convert them to becoming christians (forgetting that it is only the HOLY SPIRIT who converts). They started inviting me to night parties. I was going with them with the plan that when i invite them for my church programs, they would come. I became so close to them that i could barely see any wrong behaviour in them. Subsequently, my activities in church started reducing, i started drinking little alcohols. And, gradually, they started advising me to test their indian hemp that my eyes would be opened. They told me it is very good for the health. I started taking them and became addicted to them that my case became worse.

One unfaithful day, during my final year in school, i decided to go a step further ahead of them. I wanted to prove to them that i am stronger. So, i mixed Indian-Hemp with Alcohol, Codeine and Tramadol in a big glass cup of about 45cl. Immediately, i drank the whole glass of this combination, my brain turned upside down, i started shouting in my room, my evil friends started laughing at me, subsequently, i ran out from the room, it was as if hell fire was poured on me; i was feeling so hot that i had to pull off my clothes in public till i became completely naked. All the students started laughing at me including my so-called friends. The security men were trying to get hold of me, but i was already mad and became very strong, so i escaped through the gate and started running down the streets with my nudity. My parents were called, they came with some community youths. I was in a rage already, so i picked up a cutlass and cut-off the hands of one of the youths. Prior to this act, i was arrested and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment while i was been treated from madness.
Though, i have been released and treated, my heart is still stigmatized with the shame of been nude in public (i cannot even go anywhere close to the area of my former university). And my blood flows with so much guilt of rendering a fellow human handicap. I see myself as a disappointment to my self, my parents and to my generation because, those my corrupt friends are now graduates with good jobs, while i am still here wallowing in self-pity. Also, i had to start another university over again from 100 Level. I just entered two hundred level. Why? I followed bad companies.Bad companies are never profitable with a man with a great dream Couple with hard drugs, avoid it totally.thanks for stoping by!

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Very painful story but best of luck for coming time having good company. A man is known by the company he keeps means. Your friends play an important role in how people think about your personality and character. So be careful when making friends dear @samtexprints

Thanks boss. I appreciate your effort and support at all time.

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Wow am glad i followed @followforupvote.thanks boss