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I will sign them for my first pregnancy :P Thank you!

Hi, Yea. Thanks for taking the time to read. You will enjoy knowing these facts when you're pregnant. Lol

These are some weird facts, lol
Damn, isn't there enough water in me for my baby to drink? Why drink her own pee? Damn, that's irritating. I'll beat her when she comes out for doing such dirty things, lol
I'd like my Baby Daddy even feel some of the pains and nauseation I go through. Shebi the baby is for both of us? All those feelings should be felt by him too even if its even once, so he knows how it feels

Hahaha 😂 You'll be too much in love with her when she comes out to even remember beating her.

As for the men also feeling the symptoms, my sister, I wish that was so too o. Its just annoying having to go through the sickness and vomiting alone and at the end the baby belongs to you both 😢. Lol

Hahahaha. You're right. I wouldn't want to hurt my angel like her.

And oh mehn, it's so annoying that they claim ownership of the baby after you carried the wahala all alone.
Erm, well it's still his right?
Asin, he deposited the baby in you right? 😂😂😂

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