Some humans are like...

in #wafrica11 months ago


one of the easiest times, it seems, to successfully strike them is when they are FULL (satisfied)🏖️

And here's why.

  1. They start making (unnecessary) noise in ya ears. They won't let you sleep again🙄 When they be on flat bellies, you'll rarely hear 'pim'🤐
    ...but the moment, their bellies start becoming filled, pehsin no go rest again.
    (To strike them, just follow the noise)

  2. They become LAZY. They don't go further. They tend to RELAX. Usually at a spot that is somewhat close to the area they got their bellies filled. They are also slow-er than they used to be. They want to TAKE THEIR TIME.

Well why not? they haff finally made it in life👀

If you attempt to STRIKE NOW, you are more likely to succeed than if you tried it when They Had Nothing.

Some Humans are like Mosquitoes
Don't Be A Mosquito!🛀

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