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It been weeks and I never ear you call my name. I check my phone all day hoping that you call or drop a text. Yes I mean drop a drop a text. ( I can imagine your facial expression been angry and sighing without a single smile on that beautiful face of yours) . well I maybe wrong or you maybe wrong. Whoever is right doesn't deprive me of swallowing my pride to say I'm sorry.

I know I'm not perfect, I hope you will understand. Yes it definitely one of my flaws so please be patient with me as I get better.

I'm sure not leaving you behind, but I'm gonna miss your smile, our chat, calls even the joy unspeakable you brought to my wretched soul. That reminds me, I'm also gonna miss every comment I drop after viewing your WhatsApp status on how beautiful and blessed you are....(Lol) loving memories hurt you know? Especially when things go wrong and you are left with no choice than to remind yourself about stuffs you shared together. Just like you said "we are not so close, neither have we kissed or had intimate stuff together" but I do love you beyond that.

I really don't know what the future holds but I will keep myself for me and you. I will sure come back for you wherever you may be as far as this world is concern ( it not a joke) so if you are getting married soon please let me know. Infact I wouldn't mind getting an I.V (smh) yea I just wanna put that smile on your gorgeous face if that could.. Your love still dwells in my heart and I will keep on loving even if I've to save memories in my archives..

Don't even think I'm leaving cause we are crossing the finishing line together. That true

Skip the distance yet I'm so close.. Loving you everyday isn't a crime, you are worth more than you can image to me infact everything is worth dying for when it comes to u (Julie)

Please let not our love go down the drain.let it not be wasted my love. (I'm sorry) images.jpg

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