Family Wahala Episode 03: The Mechanic

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It's another beautiful day
It was on a Monday like that. My Dad decided to buy an electric iron from a show room. He called me to come with him so that I can also make a choice should in case he gets confused so I followed him.
On getting to the show room, he forgot that the money that he had with him was not much to buy a better iron but he never cared of what it may result to. So when we entered the show room, they brought out many very beautiful electric iron and I also made my choice as expected but my Dad's money was not enough so we couldn't buy any one.
We left the show room out of anger but my Dad doesn't want to go and get money to buy the iron so we entered one roadside shop that sells already used electronics.
When we told them to bring what they have, they brought it and I also made my choice as expected and my Dad accepted it.
We bought that particular one and left with our receipt.
When we got home, my Dad plugged the electric iron and switched on the electricity switch and the iron started producing smoke and he removed it from plug.
My Dad now called me that we should go back to that shop and return the electric iron to them because it's not working again so I followed him.
When we got there, they now asked him "Did you plugged before switching the electric switch", my Dad said yes. They told him that he has spoilt the iron.
They now charged him for repair and he got it after 5 minutes.
We left in a hurry so that we can test it at home as soon as possible.
When we got home, my Dad now switched off the electric switch before plugging the electric iron.
When he switched on the electric switch and the same thing happened.
He called me immediately that it has spoiled again and that we should take it back to them.
Who am I? I even like to go out.
I followed him as fast as I could.
When we got there, they now asked him "Did you switched before plugging the electric iron", my Dad said yes. They told him that he has spoilt the iron.
They also told him to give them money for repair and he did.
We now decided to test it right there but it worked very well.
When we got home, we did as instructed this time.
What do you think that will be the result?
To been continued.........
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