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O Allah unite our hearts
Mend our social relationships
Guide us to the path of peace
And bring us from darkness to light
Save us from obscenities whether open or hiding
Forgive us, truly you are the Acceptor of repentance, the most merciful

The Heart that believes and fears ALLAH Shall always have Peace & Contentment. May you and ur Family remain peaceful & contented forever. May Allah fulfil all our needs, may HE accept all our duas, remove our difficulties and Protect us from Shaytaan and all Evil..... Alhamdulillah it's Friday,remember the Sunnah's of the day..... Juma'at Mubaraq. Pls don't forget to read suratul khaf.

*"Calamities are the Foundation on which the Higher Spiritual Quality of Patience is developed."_ May Allah increase us in Spiritual level of Patience and grant our Wishes...

Almighty! On this blessed day, make us Steadfast in our Prayers & acts of Worship done solely for You. Grant us Humility & Submission always, never us show off or feel that we're more Pious than the person next to us. Protect us from being arrogant and never to Judge others...

Jumahat Mubarak


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