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Sunday after service: stepping-out in style

One of the advantages of being slim, dark in complexion, average height and wearing a natural hair, is that; people find it difficult to guess your age accurately.

This is not to spite the fat and plump, nor the fair and those who can't go without fixing an attachment to their hair.
It's just to let us know that we're beautiful in any form we find ourselves...


Irrespective of our complexions or skin colours, we were created for His pleasure.

why bleach your skin?
Many, out of fear of rejection, and/or quest for recognition in any public function have biological damaged their skin as a result of various chemicals they rub on their bodies in the name of bleaching cream...some even tag it toning lotions, although there exist a great difference between the two.

Yes, like the popular saying goes black is beautiful and fair is attraction. Accepting that you're either dark or fair can be a very difficult decision to take, especially if you happen to find yourself in a community that fair women are considered as queens and the dark ones; slaves.
Where they're treated as nobles and the dark ones as beggars.

Most amazing part of this is that, even the graduates that ought to educate the people on the consequences of bleaching skin are those who subscribe the most to such skin products.

skin-bleaching is not healthy

about my age, from this photo, guess how old I am

By the way, it was a wonderful sunday all together

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Thanks for reading on my blog

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Am sorry @skreza, I'll tell the answer after 10 guesses... and I'll make sure I tag you to it.


My sweet little chocolate girl.


Hahaahhaaa... Did you just said one?
Oh no dear Father! You should know better, yes to you tis true that I am still that one year old baby girl in your arms.

That little girl that came into your life and everything changed, cause you loved her momma would o much... That little girl that makes you happy and smile as you give mama a hugg holding her up.

I missed being tossed in the air by you. Momma said those chuckles I made made you feel like on top of the world.

I love you papa...
...and am happy am still your little girl. IMG_20180812_135721_541.JPG

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