Wacoinda Forever :: Big Studio Dreams

in wacoinda •  4 months ago

One of our newest members in the community of Wacoinda made something dope! He's bringing his skills and talents to the community, and we continue to grow, and get better. Are you with us?

Our native coin, CJS, is NOW available on stellarx.com - many of us in wacoinda have been creating value for our coins for months now. We have several businesses already inside of our community, who will soon be ready to accept CJS as payment for their goods and services. More and more people are finally hearing about a movement, growing mostly without attention...

That was, until about a month ago, when people started to 'attempt' to come for us. That attempt, was responded to with a ferocity, as several articles, and videos were created to explain exactly who we are, and what our mission is about. All doubts, or questions about us copying off anyone else, were put to sleep.

NOW is the best time to invest, however, with anything, always do your own research.

CJS will be a coin of value - the network community of Wacoinda, will see to it!

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