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This moving season really got me into panic. There has nothing yet ready for this move . Thinking of packing , question to ask myself what to take and what to leave behind seems made my life difficult.
Too many decision to make. I have know idea , how is life going tobe, how I can learn the language.
Before thinking of all days ahead I must focus on what is for today. Busy selling furniture, busy sorting out Childrens stuffs, I forget myself. I forget my own concern about this move.
From all the moving expereinces I had in the past, I would be the one that left alone, once all the rest of the family find their routine. Husband, get to work, Children start their school and me busy making up the house, and trying to make every body happy. Will this move going tobe the same,? I hope not, I would not be happy if this move , will put me in the place of soliteri. I will not want to get depress over the new environment and changes. I never like changes, although my life has been in the constant change. There is only one that will encourage me, which is , Writing, I will go back to my old time hobby " Writing " . I will or sure will continue to write my second book.
As the First one has published , and sold at many books store, it is time to write the second one. Will this moving to europe will give me inspiration to write my second book?


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