Dinosaur People War

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One day in fur (far) future...

In outer space, a star, in (from) annuther (another) Gilexsee (galaxy), went inside the sun and sange (changed) it into Spring and Summer but no more cold white blanket of snow.

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22,484 or 2484 A.D.

In the year 22484, some zoo people got 80 dinosaurs from the midlle (middle) of afarie or Africa or something. One of the dinosaurs is the greatit (greatest) of all, the Terex (T-Rex). Then thire (there) was Ankylosaurs, Polacan, Daspletosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Lambeosaurus, Tsintaurus.

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Once upon a time in the future, a rock ran into the sun. Now, 80 years earlier, it was the year 28096, 2896, as in the 29th century, as in the future by a few centuries, maybe.

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Jurassic Park Zoo

They caught 20 dinosaurs and put them in a zoo. You wander how they caught the dinosaurs and put them into the zoos, because the dinosaurs are so big?

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Lions, Tigers, Bears, Eagles, Oh My

Truck and smart like a bear and a lion and an eagle. But they (the dinosaurs) were not as tall as a tree because it was not so hot like 2 thousand years ago.

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Star Ran Into The Sun

Now, they are growing because the star went into the sun and it hotter. The Rex went out of the cage and roared like a train stopping really fast.

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Then it ran very (fast), nothing like a car; and the Terex (T-Rex) cut through the strong diamond wall and the dinosaurs yelled and jumped over houses and buildings; and in two years, they found there (their) way to Africa; and some dinosaurs, in Africa, told them (the immigrating dinoaurs) about the weather.

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African Dinosaurs

The African Dinosaurs told the new arriving dinosaurs about the mean people. So, the dinosaurs went and destroyed all the buildings except for New York and California.

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Soon, they scared all the people to go to Mars. Super Man took the leftover people to Mars, anybody that couldn't get to Mars any other way.

Dinosaur Castles

Then he dinosaurs made two castles, one for the T-Rexes, "That hated from the beginning, there (their) great great grandfathers and their work." And the other castle was for the good dinosaurs. In dinosaur land, in the year 20920, they are still making the castle. They found the hidden Aladdin castle (palace). So, they made the castle out of another castle. There was a king that was the lord of all the land.

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Dinosaur Zoo: page 1

One day in the far future, in the year 26421, 10,200 people deside (decided) to capture some dinosaurs. Then one of the ten (thousand) people said, "We need 80 dinosaurs. We will go in our helicopter to Afarie to the big rain forest. We will put our Sele Weapin (weapon) and midol on. Is that a deal?" Yes, so I tell that we are getting dinosaurs and putting them in the zoo; an (and) the news is the best way to tell; and the third said, "This will be a masopes; it will be so cool for the kids." The six said, "It will not (be) coll (cool); very coll (cool); osom (awesome); and super." Then the tenth said, "When be on?" Then the first said, "It will be next Sunday." A week later, a man was watching the news and heard that the zoo people will capture some dinosaurs and put them into the zoo. Then that guy said to hisef (himself), " not eff, I stop them."

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Bomb It: page 2

The man continued, "I will put bomb to fly out to another galixxsee (galaxy); then it will blow up by a star an make it run into the sun and make the dinosaurs get more energy (like increasing solar power or the power of Super Man but for dinosaurs) so that the dinosaurs get bigger and scare them away to Mars. I will put (get some) gas and bananas and oil and mix them up in to (into) the bomb; then squirt.... reastores (restores).... with soupy pancakes with peanut butter; and stir them onto you; can make them onto you... can make them to (be like) lipstick; then squirt them out the side of the bomb... and wen (when) a star blow the bomp (bomb) up; then the bump will make a star go one light year for sixin." Then that guy beet mather (or mother) said, "I nerd; they try to put snakes into the zoo and they try to put the elufant (elephant) into the zoo; and I herd (heard) they try to put lions into the zoo; and the did; but dinosaurs? No way! Give me brake (or give me a break of that Kit Kat Bar); in the erly (early maybe); 900; they did not blovie or something into the dinosaurs."

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Dinosaur People War

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Peet: page 3

Peet said, "Dragin (dragon) too." Then Peet's mom, Srus, said, "Getting Dragin into the zoo is so dum (dumb); it is as dumb as Peter Pan flying and fairies flying too. It do not have dragin at all. I never belive (believe) in dragin." Then Peet said, You never heard of Dragin? I heard of dragons when I was 8 years old." Then she said, "I yus (used) to believe in the tooth fairy or the Super Man.

Dragins (Dragons)

If they dot (don't) capture the dragins and capture the dinosaurs, I will make a thing that will make the dinosaurs and the flying big mean dragin will lisen (listen) to me; and I will said scare off the people to Mars. I will take ofer (over) the earth. Ho hu (haha), I will be master of all the earth." And soon, it was reedy (ready) for the ten zoo people to go to afarie to get the dinosaurs and dragin; and then news people said to the ten people, "Now do you guys fill to be the first one to get a dinosaur into the zoo in the history of zoos..."

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Beatyful (Beautiful) Womin (Woman): page 4

And the eight said, "It is amasing to see dinosaurs, okey (okay), relly (really) to go wait one... wait, one more question, how old are you guys? And your names?" Then at ten zoo people said, "Not right now." Then a beatyful (beautiful) womin (woman) came up and said, "Come on, tell your seocert (secret), plese (please)." Then the tenth said, "Oh my baby, I am Dave, 20 years old." Nineth (ninth) is "Clork or Clark, 36 years old." The eighth is Rocky, 18 years old. Sevin (seven) is Don, 28. Sixth is Pana, 39 years old. Thith (fifth) is Weba, 16 years old. Forth (fourth) is Diny, 36 years old. That's all. Then the Lattey (lady) kiss (kissed) him fore tume. On the moth (month), back and forth the lip go on the guy moth (mouth) vere (very) tite (tight). Then he said, "Can I maity or mairy (marry) you?" THen she said, "Olly (only) if you tell everyboudy (everybody) your guy name. Then if tuth )truth) enuth (enough) to get the dinosaurs, I will mary (marry) you." Okey, third is Billy, forty years old. Secen (second) is is Spie, 24 years old. And last is Dony. Okey, by (bye). And off they went. They was (were) siding in back, then they were stopping in New York; and all the peaple (people) in the airplane got out and dinner, and it was fish sticks and homa or hama or maybe hamburger or ham.

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Airport: page 5

That guy that planned to take over the world was living by the airport. And he found that it would take 80 years until the star crashed into the sun. So, he took the pilot hostage and tied him up. Then he used the loud speaker and said, "Hurry up and get on before I take off." Then all ten zoo people ran and grabbed one of the wings; they had to hold on tight. They climbed up the wing.

Airplane Battle

Then the guy that called himself the master of all tried to make them fall off and onto the mountain, and one did fall. All nine got into the airplane and tried to get the stearing (steering) wheel off of his hands. The airplane was about to crash into a shark and it fell into the water. The only thing they could do is get the life boat. Then that guy said, "I will stay." Off they went in the boat and the shark followed them. Bill fixed the plane.

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Sharks: page 6

They went around in a circle to make the shark dizzy and then they threw a big rock at the shark. The shark was knocked out for ten minutes. They came to two rivers and went into one. Then they found lots of animals and dinosaurs. They were afraid of the dinosaurs at first. Then they threw a big diamond net (because everything they don't want broken is made out of diamonds) at a big T-rex. They captured him, but he shook the net so hard that the part of the net the guy was holding went flying up onto a tree.

Home Alone Time

So, he tied the rope onto the old tree and slid down the rope (like Home Alone when he went out of his house and into his tree house). Then the Zoo People got the dinosaurs in the most dangerous way, because it is the only way to get a dinosaurs, or the dinosaurs. They got 80 dinosaurs: 40 were all kinds of dragons. Then Bill came in the airplane. They flew off with the dinosaurs to the California Zoo Airport. They put the dinosaurs by the giraffes. And soon Dave and the betyful (beautiful) laty (lady), got mairy (married).

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Mice: White Paper, pg 5

Spike and Stipe brontosaurus down then Stegosaurus nock dwn Tyrannosaur, But then bad Pteranon bit Elasmosaurus neck. Then ever dinosaur fight. Fary (very) hard. Kronosaurus cut good Pteranondon wings up then ate it up. Jame saw a twin that look just like him and name is Jame too, or James. Then two mice bit Jame ear then the uther (other) Jame hard it so the two James went into a cave and fight like a dog not like any dog but the dog that went around space in two days. The James were mad like the madist (maddest) dog that ever live (lived). And good Jame had a plan his two bird will help him. The two birds acts like it can or cate fry or fly, it is by a hold. Then bad Jame got hogery (hungry). So, he ran and soon he was so dep (deep) in the cave that he couldn't see. But he did not wory (worry); he gose (goes) open and close his mouth and uther (other) side to the other side up and down; soon, he fell into a hold (hole). The bird came back and told it to Jame. And then he came out like as happy as he could. Then all a suddenly, he saw terex (T-Rex) falling. When he got to the groud (ground). It soud (sounds) like a tree truck (trunk) folling (falling) in to a wendow (window) as fick (thick) as a 20 yard farll then a big rouk (rock) fell on him when we take it off he was not there, But we saw a brain. So we fot (thought) he was dead. So, the War World 3 (World War III) is ofer (over), the king best servunt (servant) said to Jame, "Ware (where) is te uther (other) Jame?" And he said, "Kill him. Good." Then Jame said...

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1995 Dinosaur People War B-2.jpg
1995 Dinosaur People War B-3.jpg
1995 Dinosaur People War B-4.jpg
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Lock Your Doors: White Paper: pg 6

Then Jame said, "But who is the king boy? You are." But Terex said, "I am dad." Then the servant said, "If it have two James and Terex only, know one you know." Yes, I know what you mean. He fike I am the dad Jame. Yes you are right. Okey. We are redy (ready) to crown you. Then they had a party for the new king. It last a year but plice (police) scickin is. Still looking for Terex. But they do not know Terex is still a Live (alive). You people who is reading this story, lock your doors or else Terex will come in your house and kill you and go back in dinosaur book or if you don't have it, they will go in your TV; then he will take offer (over) the word (world), the end.

1995 apx Dinosaur Story n Art-17.jpg

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I never belive (believe) in dragin.
It should be believe instead of belive.

great Content.


Do you like dinosaurs?

I like your story, very creative. Too bad I can not see all the pictures because of my slow internet connection. Greetings.


Happy to see you.