Donald Marshall's testimony about Illuminati and human cloning

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The topic of human cloning is both fascinating and terrifying. The testimony of Donald Marshall sheds light on this dark science. Human cloning and genetic manipulation goes all the way back to pre Biblical times in the Book of Enoch. More recentlyly the Nazis and the Vril society rediscovered human cloning.

I'm going to break this down into several parts. The story takes too many twists and turns to fit this in one compact article. This story involves deep underground military bases, religion, ancient bloodlines, cannibalism, space aliens, demons, pedophilia, DNA manipulation, human cloning, Admiral Byrd's claim of undiscovered land beyond Antarctica, flying saucers and other advanced technology...

This is Maria Orschitsch of the Vril society. This was a group of women with psychic ability to communicate with demonic entities telepathically... During World War II they shared advanced technology with her including rockets, jet engines, flying saucers, and human cloning... The women of the vril society would grow their hair as long as possible. They believe this would act as an antenna to enhance their psychic ability.

Wernher von Braun was one of the main beneficiaries of this knowledge. The Nazi scientist came to the US after World War II during Operation Paperclip. This led to the founding of NASA. Along with developing rocket engines they also practiced occult ceremonies. Jack Parsons was also involved in this satanic cult. They were involved in secret societies including the Freemasons and OTO....

This is a very tangled web. All of these groups are connected. From the Catholic Church, the Queen of England, NASA, and the Nazis. They're connected through secret occult groups like the Freemasons and other secret societies. The word NASA means to deceive in Hebrew.

Most of this human cloning is done in deep underground military bases DUMBs... They have a network of thousands of miles tunnels... They connect all of these bases across the United States, Canada, and Mexico...

Donald Marshall's entire story sounds like a weird dream. In fact this is how he claims to teleport to the cloning center. During REM sleep his consciousness transfers over to one of his clones inside the cloning center. The Queen of England runs the show. The entire event is set up like a hockey rink with plexiglass windows and a dirt floor. Inside this arena people perform gladiatorial battles to the death. They dress in different types of body armor and use swords, spears, and other weapons. All the while Hollywood celebrities, world leaders, and the Queen watch as everything is recorded... These battles are fought by clones of the people attending. He claims they can turn off their pain receptors... After the clone is killed they transfer their consciousness into another clone... He claims to have written hundreds of songs for celebrities such as Britney Spears, Megadeth, Prince, Metallica and many other artist. In a fate worse than death, he claims to have written the song Friday for Rebecca Black. I guess misery loves company...

The most disturbing part of all is the satanic ritual abuse of children. After they perform their satanic ceremonies they rape, murder, and cannibalize babies!!! The people performing these ceremonies are demonic possessed... Some of them are actually drones. This is a process where the demon inserts its DNA through a proboscis into the eye socket of the human. This worm-like object wraps itself around the optic nerve then injects is DNA... This process takes about 1 month to completely erase the human consciousness and become a demonic lizard person... These creatures lack all human empathy and cannibalize humans especially babies...

Elizabeth Bathory allegedly murdered 650 people most of them children!!! She would drink and bathe in the blood of virgins to maintain her youthful appearance!!! Her coat of arms is a dragon... There could be some truth to what Donald Marshall says about lizard people. There's a good possibility she was a demonically possessed drone...

Revelations 12:9 The huge dragon was hurled down. That ancient serpent, called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world, was hurled down to the earth, along with its angels.

This is a video of Donald Marshall's testimony. You can watch it for yourself and see the details he goes into. Either this guy is a world class LARPer or he's telling the truth... I'll let you be the judge of that. Thanks for reading....
God bless

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Thank you for sharing this person with us. I'd be interested in learning more about him and his experiences and otherwise probably wouldn't have heard of him. Keep up the great work!


Thank you so much for reading it. I appreciate your comment and your vote. I missed the deadline for the contest but that's ok... I didn't want to turn in something half ass. I'm still not done with it... I'll probably edit it some more before it's locked in... As long as people keep reading them I'll keep writing them.

Oh man this is just horrible news. I feel quite unsettled now :'( good post though :)

Could there be cloning and reptiles? Maybe, but I have the tendency to believe it is a sideshow distraction. We are spiritual beings that have been cast into a physical world. If you ask near death survivors that have crossed to the other side, they will tell you that the spiritual world is far more vivid and real than this world. Demonic spiritual entities can get people to believe in almost any conjured spiritual world creation. This can, for example, easily explain UFOs and abductions. There are masses of cases where people claim to have been abducted by "aliens", but when they prayed to Jesus Christ, the "aliens" (actually demons representing themselves as aliens) took off. I believe that what is going on here is part of a spiritual deception.

As for Donald Marshall himself, he appears to believe what he is saying, but he is also pretty disjointed like he's on meds. He also had holes in his story that he never answered in the interview even though he was asked multiple times. Remember as well that he says that they travel to these cloning centers in their sleep. This sounds very similar to the alien abduction stories where there are both elements of reality and elements of dreaming involved. He could easily be either a victim of demonic entities or a government program that has used him to deliver these disinfo stories.


That's how I feel. Some of his story sounds credible and some of it sounds made up... He has a better imagination than me...
The thing that makes me suspicious is he claims the vaccines are toxic to the demons. I don't believe in outer space.... So I know these demons must be from earth. I also know vaccines are full of poison like mercury and aluminum.... This could be a clever agenda to trick people to get vaccinations???
But his testimony about the blood drinking baby cannibals starts to make more sense when you find out they're not actually human...

We neede to get to the bottom of this story and put an end to this butchery!!! It's not going to be easy because these creatures have infiltrated every government across the world!!! They're using our own defenses against us... They've corrupted our governments, militarys, and police departments... The Freemasons and Shriners need to be questioned.... Is their loyalty to their club and Satan or Humanity???


The Luciferians have truly infiltrated everywhere and therefore I'm not fully sure how you rout them out. It requires a mass awakening as well as a full systems redesign in a way that they can't hide and sabotage all the government, corporate, and society systems as easily any longer.

At the end of the day, you can't change the systems unless you first change the most influential people in society. This requires a major awakening of at least the most influential 10% of society. This is why I fully believe that if every person that wakes up takes the responsibility to fully wake ten more people up and get them to do the same, then we have a chance to make a networked exponential change.

Without some type of exponentially networked awakening, the only other hope is a mass consciousness shift that comes from an electrical shift in the Earth itself. Since we are all electrical beings, the greater the electrical energy, the greater the consciousness shift we will get as well. This could also do it for shaking and waking the masses, however, you and I have no control over this (or at least not that I am aware of..)



Just reaffirming what I already believe.

This whole post, pure nonsense. Get outside, start a fire or two, learn something, and then reread your conspiracy theory blogs again and you might have some better understanding.

Or maybe we took this the wrong way, and you're writing some kind of strange fiction? If so, not getting the joke.

.. and if you think we're being harsh here, we only said the tip of the iceberg of what a load of garbage this whole thing is. Go read our comment on your 9/11 page, you might learn SOMETHING today.


I never said this guy was telling the truth. I said to watch his video and make up your your own mind... These underground military bases do exist. All of these people are members of Freemasonry. All of these women were members of the vril society. He claims to have wrote all these songs but he has no evidence. I think he's mixing the truth with fiction personally. His claim that they transfer consciousness through a dream sounds far fetched to me as well. Just so you know someone issued a challenge to write a story about Donald Marshall so that's what I did.


@harpooninvestor. Could you give me some constructive criticism of my post on human cloning. Any feedback would be appreciated :)


@cloudbuster , you are spot-on with this cloning stuff, it's a nearly perfect article you wrote, following you, assuming you keep up the good work.


Thank you. I appreciate the feedback :)