I got a good laugh today, a friend emailed me about the death of open source. Citing Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub.

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A business client slash/ friend sent me the following attached message to this particular alert, the Alert he received is be low and his message from him was:
"bye bye to all your free open source sh^t."

Now I love this guy, he's got moxy... But he runs a one man show and may make enough for his family to live well, but he is never going to run a business that's going to be generalization for his family (and nor should it).

Bur, wow was he clueless. he's obviously not a programmer. He personally buys and sells a tremendous amount of game consoles a year, and he did not put these 2 things together.
His and Microsoft's companies are at the opposite end of the spectrum when and how they are run.

So it's obvious that their head spaces are completely different areas when it comes to business...

And both to tell the truth have no a clue about the others business workings and culture.

Frankly if employees of the 2 firms switched spots and and actually saw and experienced it from a day to day situation, would completely understand in about 30 sec., why it could not work for their original business. And considerate it the height of insanity the way they run the other business and its very very evident....
Both might consider the way the others are run completely insane!

Time for a disclaimer

Presently I provide services as a business operations consultant. A position which includes me protecting clients by reading seeing and handling trends.

I do not have an MBA but my masters
in compiler design and computer graphics.
Besides working for fortune 500s doing bleeding edge
tech, worked dealing with operations issues in all sizes of firms.
Essentially you have a real tough problem, I'm figuring out the fix! After 16 years working independently I started my own companies and grew wit from 3 individuals to 60. I have done every job from shipper to CEO, But not CF0. I am presenting my PERSONAL observations, which is part of the information I use to make my decisions. BUT YOU must first decide if they make sense to you, and decide if you want to use them.

My job, see and figuring out how things fit together. And then actually making me work, I don't have to actually look at the items I just need to have an overall idea of how many people put them together in the 1st place, the reasoning, behind changes/motivations/ systems they had to deal with/ technologies / skill sets and I could figure out where and why something was happening.

He obviously never worked with Microsoft product for development purposes had I and thousands of others.
And certainly did not understand microsoft's acquisition policies.
And doesn't understand some obvious standard business practices.

Also does not understand Some big things going on right In front of his face that are an overall an concern as far as Microsoft's view in the future is to Constantly be jumping on the newest technology right now, To see what's coming up in the future it's going to radically affect it's operating systems (using blockchain and vr) a fact All of the providers of operating systems are staying ahead of the curve, Not not trying to jump a small curb (because it isn't), and essentially be way or already way behind when the first big adoptions come out!
Actually the AMC TV "show halt and catch fire" actually had it absolutely wrong when you came to dealing with the big guys and why they were successful and why so many burnt out and went away. If you are seeing coming trends and under stand you must let others embrace them and let them be the inventors and push to build the support structures then you might survive. Because by the time you try to get on and do what they are doing its way to late. They are on fire if they because they do not see that coming trends already in place If they hold at wall door already burning down.Technology is rarely the problem it's usually the lack of access to technologists who know how to manipulate it,


Wow do you realize on how many levels you read that wrong and the effect it could have on your business.

Microsoft has huge history of open-sourcing technology spaces, products and libraries to get the service upper hand against competitors, as well as training, certifications, and to be the one to guide the spaces in there direction while small guys with good ideas are getting in it,

This is why they with Goggle and certain venture partnerships setup by Intel & GE have outstripped IBM, Apple, Digital, Computer Associates, Siemens, and Motorola.

They simply just told you the xbox code is about to become open source.
Which means 1 of 2 things
Which will mean MS made equipment will probably will be a larger percentage of a
smaller over all market. But the gaming market over all will have a higher percentage of Microsoft architect (same as what happened with the PC-Bios being published, and apple keeping everything proprietary)

Microsoft is throwing it's weight behind Windows 10 Mixed Reality or another VR Operating system.

Microsoft has always done these things and will continue to.

They support legacy systems to get paid, but on the front end they see the landscape and push into multiple technologies, continuing to follow even a reasonable following.

That's why MS-Access is assured support through at minimum 2016.

Either way they come out on head.

My professional opinion
There will be no disappearance of the free open source of GitHub, just better integration into Microsoft's integrated visual studio, plus a more sensible logical enhanced interface.


If they got rid of the free Git access which all the present and new open source would go to a different platform running GIT or another version control (which is open source). And microsoft would lose access the user base they were squiring immediately!

Essentially throwing the money they just earned out the window.
The real question is who do the big 3 (ms,google, amazon)
decide on the blockchain for the vr operating internet: because vm won't

if we can figure out were they are going to end we will be billionaires... seriously... if i had afew few millions to scatter shoot the industry and just hold for 20, and continuning to scatter and hold will result in billions!!!! dont care who the losers are 2 or 3 would mean trillions

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i look into it for my portfolio .Thanks for the info



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A lot of excellent info. Keep up the good work

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