New server in Russia

in #vpnlast year

New servers have been added. LV1 (Riga, Latvia) and RU5 (Moscow, Russia). Download the new configs please.

OpenVPN: SingleRSA_LV1, SingleECC_LV1, SingleRSA_RU5, SingleECC_RU5, DoubleRSA_LV1_RU5, DoubleECC_LV1_RU5, DoubleRSA_RU5_LV1, DoubleECC_RU5_LV1

SoftEther: SingleSSL_LV1, SingleSSL_RU5, DoubleSSL_LV1_RU5, DoubleSSL_RU5_LV1


i need taipai you have?

sorry, we don't have server in Taipai yet, full list of servers:

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