Citizens Using the Police to Put Homeless in Night Prison

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The Vonu Blog 06-12-2018


Nomries Using the Bludgies to Put Homeless in Night Prison

It is very clear for Libertarians to see that the normies value control, safety and profit over freedom. Many of my conversations with “property owners” (another word for taxpayer or free-range serf) they always tout the phrase “our property value will go down”. It is the single greatest excuse, other than “who will build the roads”, that they use the state to violate peaceful people.


One of the ways normies create the illusion of safety is to funnel all the homeless into shelters by making it illegal to sleep outside or in cars and RVs. That allows the bludgies to create “revenue” by ticketing anyone who is sleeping on public and sometimes even private land if people aren’t sleeping within the coded ordnance. So the bludgies make money from the poor and the property owners feel safe, it works out perfectly for the servile society.


…but what happens to those who cannot afford housing? Many times the houseless will be harassed with being told go to a homeless shelter, to move or else, get ticketed, property confiscation, bludgie legalized vandalism and in some circumstances, when a bludgie is in a bad mood, death.


Lots of houseless people choose homeless shelters. There are a few kind of homeless shelters. There are adult homeless shelters, youth homeless shelters, family homeless shelters, religious, transitional housing/shelter program, government run, halfway houses (for those coming out of prison),wet shelters (where being intoxicated is ok), dry shelters/treatment/detox programs and extreme weather temporary shelter programs, some manipulate the movement of its residents and all lock their doors at night making sure all stay in. The ones who don’t make it on time have to hide or face the wrath of the bludgies.


What is the solution for Vonuans & vandwellers? For me because I dwell in cities, I look clean as possible, clean my van every time it looks disorganized, hide all my clothing and anything else that makes me appear I am living in the van. If I can come to an agreement with the property owner, I try to use private property for parking and keep my doors out of view of the neighbors. Park in overnight allowed industrial zones. Always keep the exterior of the van looking nice. Lastly I am always friendly to the normies never being argumentative. One normie can cause a laundry list of problems when aggravated.

My solutions may not be for everyone but I’d like to hear yours in the comments below.

One of my favorite Vonu terms is controlled schizophrenia.

“Controlled schizophrenia is the mental state of an opportunistic citizen-serf who practices doublethink, yet who still acts in his own best interest. Today, this can be observed in the political crusaders, especially those Donald Trump supporters who voted for Ron Paul back during the 2008 and 2012 election cycles. The question to be answered now is, why are any of the “celebritarians” glorifying Trump?”

Really, nothing changes regardless who you think the master is, the master is always going to be government. People believe the illusion that it is getting better while missing the underlying local, economic & geopolitical concerns they used to have. These people once sought out peace now advocate for threats and action, In other words, force and violence. Maybe it's because they identify that the world isn't changing anytime soon so they join the other normies in acts of war, against the collective's enemies and against each other.

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The endlessly increasing laws against the homeless is a perfect example of the servile society demonizing anyone who is living outside the conventional lifestyle. Aside from going full native, the best option is, as you pointed out, cleanliness, civility and not drawing attention.
If a vonuan, specifically van nomads, could work up rapport with his/her immediate community if normies it would help shape a good opinion of van nomads in general. Van nomads could act as traveling salesmen, providing goods and services so that when one rides into town the people get as excited as kids for the ice cream truck.