A short description of voluntaryism/anarcho-capitalism

in voluntaryism •  2 years ago 

When bringing up what I believe, people often misinterpret it and think that greed and selfishness must be my primary motivation and that i would rather accumulate more assets than help anyone. The actual reason I believe what i believe is that i think it is the best foundation for increasing the standard of living and happiness of all individuals (unless you want to rule over others). It has nothing to do with lack of cooperation or antisocial behavior. So the following is an attempt to shortly explain it, hopefully it can be useful to someone else.

Violence should only be used in self defense and to protect ones body or other kinds of private property. It ought to be the last resort when peaceful solutions are no longer available.

You are fooling yourself if you think that you can give someone else authority and responsibility for your actions. You are the only one that can decide when it is ok for you to use violence and you are responsible for that decision.

"I was just following orders" won't and shouldn't get you off the hook. The Nuremberg trials made that clear.

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