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Hello World!

So this is my first story here. Potentially one of many.
I'm hoping over time I will make my own contribution dragging a few more of us here.

Kudos to @emancipatedhuman and @subliminally for unknowingly directing me here. Also Thanks to @cryptoctopus via @dollarvigilante for suggesting

When I say "us", for those that know me, obviously I'm referring to Vountaryists and Agorists, or if you prefer, free-market anarchists or anarcho-capitalists. All of you wonderful, insightful and non-coercive ex-statetheist post-political lovers of freedom and consensual interaction. I salute you all.

**So who the fuck is Caly? **

Since I have a vein or two pumping hacker-blood, I refrain from serving up much personal stuff to information parasites online, so even my devoted followers on Fecesbook and other corporate social media mostly don't really know that much about me, apart from my rants about how the entire sphere of politics and voting is nothing but a insane, violent and abusive cult of death, so I thought a short..ish bio could be in order here.

Obviously, no mother would name her son Caly P. Tratus, it is simply a distortion of Calyptratus, after Chameleo Calyptratus, the latin name for my favourite reptile, the Yemen Chameleon. This came out of one of my hobbies I once put a fortune into, rescuing and rehabilitating poorly treated reptiles and birds that suffered from ignorant owners. 10-15 terrariums, aquariums and cages was normal in my hose for years.
-At least the Boa Constrictor warning-sign on the door kept Jehovas and other wackos away... xD

I actually became an anarchist agitator at the young age of 14 or so, after a good friend introduced me to some good ol' punk-rock, particularly bands like Bad Religion and The Exploited. I took to reading on the subject, and soon found a good mentor in the late great Henry David Thoreau, and despite frequenting the local anarchist book-cafe, which had an air of Goldman and Bakunin, as some of you know already, that foggy confusion all but vaporised as Bastiat and other classic braniacs and economists straightened out my logics. I remember "failing" civics in gymnasium (collegue equivalent), due to lack of attendance, since the "teacher" threw me out every time I challenged her teaching right-wing statetheist religious beliefs as facts, all to my class-mates amusement.

Then an overwhelming interest and passion for things with wheels and explosion engines put my philosophical side in the backseat for almost two decades. I grew up in a mechanical workshop after all.
Then shit happened.

Basically I quit my work after over ten years in the motorcycle business, to start my own little screen-printing business, taking advantage of my wide network of bars, bikers-clubs and rock-bands with a need for shirts that often times other printing businesses rejected. Then I grew balls too fast, made the classic mistake of investing a dortune in equipment for one single big customer, that soon took a nose-dive as two very key individuals succumbed to cancer and parenthood and lost most their clients.

Not far after I tried to run a business, while getting a full-time employment as an electro-mechanic, plus working nights and weekends at a bar as a bouncer and bartender to make ends meet, my health just wouldn't take it anymore. I was also running a non-profit organization that in turn arranged rock-club nights with live concerts a few nights a month, and arranging local motorcyclist meet-ups every Wednesday night, because well, no one else did, and it didn't exist around my town.
Skellington at DistortionRockClub

Faced with the consequences of an expensive lifestyle made impossible by a busted elbow paired with a bleeding ulcer, I rapidly turned fat, despite a radical loss of appetite. Diagnosed with clinical insomnia, watching movies and stacking unpaid bills got old pretty quick, so I spent a depressing period in bed with my laptop, trying to figure out how to be smarter about living life. There was simply no going back to status-quo, that part of me died.
From there it started to snowball somewhat.

I basically un-schooled in a jiffy, staring with some early conclusions. First off, figuring life out had to require learning lots of things, so I got to tech myself what virtually no-one learns in school, at least not before reaching university, namely, how to fucking learn in the first place. Speed-reading, memorization techniques, things of that nature. Then I had to actually make sense of stuff I learned, so I took a shot at the established discipline of rational thinking. Anything and everything in official educational material, media and politics, quickly turned in to something I valued slightly less than what come out of the rear end of my feline companions. At least they provided substance for my long-term compost box.

Now, I'm from Sweden. It's a place with plenty of cold and darkness, and I'm not even talking about the weather now. I remember reading that the two biggest suicide demographics at the time, were dentists and Swedes. I guess veterans of the warmongering terrorist state USSA probably knocked one of those down a notch shortly after, but anyhow. I was since long fed up with the introvert social climate, as my countrymen are nothing like what you see when they are abroad flaunting our obsessive alcohol-culture where drinks cost a fraction of what we are used to, having suffered a life-time of communist state-monopoly on anything that can get you legally intoxicated.

We have a saying that if you want t be left alone for a while, just go to the nearest bus-stop. It might be crowded, but everyone will pretend as if no one else existed there. Don't chat strangers up in Sweden, unless you want someone to call for men in white robes insisting you wear a straight-jacket. Just saying.

Needless to say, I got the hell out of Dodge. I basically closed up shop, sold my house and workshop, paid all my debts and credits, shunned all bill-generating services, ditched my girlfriend who after 7 years of nagging, still refused to leave the socialist hell-hole of rampant state-dependence.
After couch-hopping for a short while, I loaded up my van with the most essential, including my two cats, and drove my ass all the way down to Spain, where I have spent the last 4+ years volunteering at various interesting projects, growing my own value by picking up loads of new insight in everything from project management to sustainable off-grid living.

I decided early on that earning money was not as big a goal as radically reducing my living costs and get very serious about living my life as a hard-core frugal Agorist. I got into survivalism and prepping. I learn all sorts of things all the time, from food-preserving and foraging to battery maintenance, making fuel and first aid. Now, many preppers contemplate financial collapses or natural or fabricated de-populating disasters, and start gathering metals and ammo. But they can horde any resource they want until their hart is contempt, but ultimately, they will run out. Skills and knowledge are what really has any tangible value in such situations, as far as I'm concerned.

Today I live with my girlfriend in a paid-for house with no regular bills apart from having a local small-business Internet provider and my lady's car insurance. We both live a life with a minimum of scheduling, and a diversity of small incomes. I'm doing translation work and content-writing over Internet, and act as a promoter and agent for my girlfriends fantastic artwork. You might have seen me post up her awesome portraits of free market heroes of mine in FB pages and groups such as Openly Voluntary and the Seeds Of Liberty Podcast. She also teaches private art and English lessons, whilst I build up our food-garden and do occasional repairs of cars, computers and other technical stuff for our local social network. Spain has a really awesome thriving "black" (free) market. People just don't bother to be compulsively including the mafia in their business here. "Ain't no one got time for that shit!"

Our ultimate goal though, is not to hang around here, but to find a paradisaic place somewhere on the southern hemisphere, preferably where there is no such thing as property-theftation (tax), to set up some sort of agorist hacker/maker-space hostel resort thingy.
Psst! All you yellow, gray and black heroes will be most welcome. Chat me up if you are interested in such an endeavor.

I will most likely start out posting here by dusting off some of my better long rants I 've made in the past on facebook, which has since long been drowned in salty meme's and caustic burst-attacks on voting cattle. Some of which can be found in my FB group Anarctivism. You will also likely enjoy me posting artsy things like teasers for our latest project of making a phat comic album teaching voluntaryist ethics and reason, mainly aimed at home-schoolers, predominantly for the unfree American't market, but there might become a non-USSA version, including a few translations, for example to Spanish.
-I'm sure any voluntaryist will enjoy it just as much though.
The electronic version will most likely be free for all with a "pay what you want" option. Keep an eye out for posts tagged #thehatterdialogues. Conceptual teaser:
Hatter Dialogues teaser1

Other than that, I will write about my experiences as a full-blown agorist, touching on thing like getting by with on-line work, diversifying incomes, un-banking, permaculture, off-grid thrivalism, frugalism, Hacker/maker/DIY culture and projects, techno-optimism and all sorts of topics related to practicing what we preach as voluntaryist agorists.

Keep on keeping on!
/ Caly

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Awesome! Glad you made it over here. You got yourself a new follower.

Great intro, by the way.


Thanks a lot! I'll go see what stuff you might have to offer now =)

welcome! great intro. i look forward to seeing more of your posts.


Thank you. Appreciate the pepp! I hope I will fill your expectations in due time!
I already have a few ideas on fairly original content...

Love this Article and following you

Looking forward to reading more from you on facebook as well as steemit( preferably Steemit) :)

Keep Liberty Rising


Appreciate it!
I'll keep 'em at an irregular but steady pace. I have lots to tell about my Agorist, off-grid, prepping and community experiences, plus lots of technical drivel about open source hardware projects, etc.

I read a few of your posta btw, nice stuff. I'll keep following!


Thats awesome to hear, I will need to take some time and work on my writing skills and hope to bring some good content. Looking forward to see how Steemit will develop and progress forward