Breaking News! STEEMIT 2.0??? EOS to release Social Media App called VOICE, according to Bloomberg. Website is

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Today there is a big conference in Washington DC held by which is the company behind EOS.

There will be video starting at 7:15 Eastern time at

( Edit: They DID announce Voice, one account per person, and its at )

According to Bloomberg, they are going to announce a Social Media App called Voice. It has been rumored that EOS was going to release a "Steemit 2.0" and it might be true. Watch for further news.

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Thank you very much for the good information

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A competitor to the steemit, will highlight also the strength of the steem blockchain compared to eos on the social media arena, and will spark others to make comparison to choose which gives a better experience.

Steem blockchain can handle this competition.

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Yes I agree!

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I heard it is similar to Twitter.

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I think it's supposed to be like Twitter Facebook or Instagram rather than a place to blog or share creative writing. Both Steemit and Voice can do well. This is not the end of Steemit!

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I should go to bed, but really curious about the event. Should start any minute now, shouldn't it?

It starts at 6PM in 40 minutes but there is no Live stream. There will be a replay at 7:15PM at

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