What’s the meaning of it all?

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After more than 18 months of continuous publishing posts, I will be taking now a break. Therefore, this will be one of my last messages for a while. Long or short, time will tell.



Credit: The National Art Center of Tokyo

TrueLove is much more than finding a compatible partner and living with him/her happily ever after. Once you will accomplish that – and you will – new fields of interest and adventure will open for you, ones which will match the new YOU, the master.

My recent findings show, and I am happily sharing, the following three elements:

  • First off and simply put the purpose of your journey is to have fun in this physical reality. You have worked hard to make peace with all the fragments of your Self and now can really enjoy the little and big indulgences that life has to offer you.

  • A second and perhaps more evocative purpose is the sharing. Your fellow human beings are craving for assistance and therefore you are here to speak your words, to tell your stories and to guide them on their path to TrueLove. Remember, though, that you can only show or instruct but never “do it” for them.

  • But perhaps the most thrilling benefit that you now can draw from your new status as the “YOU” that you have become is your natural ability to wander in other dimensions and improve your base reality, i.e. the physical one. Your dreams become precognitive, your psychic abilities sharpen and consequently you are able to better your decisions and actions in this world. This is indeed an adventure, one that requires responsibility and moral etiquette. YOU, fortunately, have mastered both and proved yourself to be eligible. Accordingly, then, nature responds.



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