Vocab-ability Prefix–299 (neo__ = new) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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Each daily “Vocab-ability 1x1” post has 2 main features, as follows:  

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One “Vocab Practice” exercise (for UpVotes

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  1. So many neologism expressions in the field of IT, many don’t quite understand.

  2. Many art collectors are inspired by the neoclassicism of classical art designs by prestigious artists.

  3. Do you know of any neo-Nazi who existed today?

  4. Perhaps many people wants neoliberalism as they prefer private control as oppose to the government taking control of trades policies and whatnot.

Good work!


  1. Neologism:
    I spent my high school in neologism classes and discussions.

  2. Neoclassicism:
    Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the quintessentialrenaissence neo-classicism

  3. Neo-Nazi:
    There are less Neo-Nazzi people in the present day world today.

  4. Neoliberalism:
    Like my uncle Frank, I still believe in neoliberalism.

Good work!


  1. I want a neologism like "ronel" and the meaning is beyond existence.
  2. Now a days there are a lot of neoclassicism thinkers and philosophers who based their ideas from Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and many other popular figures of old times.
  3. I don't know about neo-Nazis at present if they're already compassionate compared to the original Nazis.
  4. I guess neoliberalism is quite popular especially on the online or internet world specifically on blockchain technology.

Good work!

I like that neologism!!


  1. Musical artists has continued to trademark neologism spawned by them such as okrr!
  2. I believe neoclassical music is good but classical is even better.
  3. It's disheartening to know that we have neo-nazis in Europe.
  4. Prof. Keller researches focus on neoliberalism in emerging markets.


  1. Urban youth used many neologism while chatting on whatsapp.
  2. Old neoclassicism is always useful.
  3. Many hate and many love neo-Nazi people.
  4. It's hard to implement neoliberalism by the government.

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Good work!


  1. I don't think there are many neo-nazi in our world.
  2. Neologism requires special skills and knowledge.
  3. If not for neoclassicism, many classical ideas would have gone extinct.
  4. Neoliberalism will be difficult to apply in the real world.

Good work!


  1. neologism
    Today we learned about neologisms and how much they change the perception of a conversation.
  2. neoclassicism
    My teacher of the lecture class was a big fan of neoclassicism.
  3. neo-Nazi
    Many neo-Nazis have been roughly punished after they refused to obey.
  4. neoliberalism
    Unfortunately, there are many cultures who will never have the chance to find out what neoliberalism means.

Good work!


  1. The use of a new word is known as neologism
  2. Bringing old classics back to use in current times is neoclassicism
  3. The only neo-nazis in existence are those who are nazis in their minds
  4. Ideally China should practice neoliberalism and not communism

Good work!

The "nazis of the mind" might be the worst kind!


  1. Neologism.
    The student got caught up in modern neologism to the point that no one really knew what he was talking about.

  2. Neoclassicism.
    Greek and Roman influences the neoclassicism style of painting and art.

  3. Neo-Nazi.
    Sad that our country has had a horrifying history of neo-Nazis perpetrating their bigotry and racism onto others through violence and hatred.

  4. Neoliberalism:
    Seems that neoliberalism is akin to mainly corporatist values and austerity for everyone else who "ain't in the club," as George Carlin so aptly put it.

Good work!


  1. My sister-in-law shows such humourous Neologisms when she calls me 'hey sister of my mister'.
  2. I dream to get married in a neoclassical style.
  3. Once policemen knocked on my door and enquired me thoroughly if I am a Neo-Nazi.
  4. I came to steemit 2 months later and felt the idea has change from community growth to neoliberalism

Good work!

Do you honestly think that Steemit has changed in that way? Do you think it's a change for the better or the worse? Kinda curious...

I think it has changed for worse.
There used to be generous random whale upvotes and numerous users. Both are no where to be seen, everyone is filling their own pockets, so the sense of community for our steemit community seems totally lost to me.


  1. Neologism:
    Googling is a neologism used to indicate the act of searching the World Wide Web using Google.

  2. Neoclassicism:
    The Museum of Prado in Madrid is a beautiful neoclassicism architecture example.

  3. Neo-Nazi:
    Some neo-Nazi extremists are suspected for a series of bomb threats across Germany last month.

  4. Neoliberalism:
    The Yellow Vest movement in France is Against Neoliberalism.

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