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We go to Co To share the experience away from travel cheap grain to Co To Island

Itinerary in Côtô Đảo:

🦋Date 01:
In the morning HN - early afternoon to Co To send straight to Co To play bathing - Evening to Co To big dinner, walk, cafe, watching the sea

🦋Date 02:
Morning go around the island - at the market to buy - lunch, check out - boarding - dinner on HN

The total cost of only 1 tr-1.5tr / person is fun to play tennis

(ah if you buy the sauce anymore, depending on the charm, avoid many people wondering why only this, other articles help you have a reference, there are some prestige phone numbers feel ahhi 🙂, hy hope everyone has a fun trip)

What's going on?

From Ha Noi - Cam Pha, Mong Cai or Van Don - Hanoi, at My Dinh bus station, Gia Lam fare 120k -200k down at 3 Cua Ong junction,

At the 3 rd cave, take a taxi to Van Don New Port: 140k or 15k bus + 20k motorbike taxi to the port.

🕷 If lunch can eat lunch, overnight in Van Don at the restaurant, Xoan guesthouse opposite the new port, only 50k-120k / export.
(Telephone number: 0964.314.358)

🕷 From the port to high-speed train or wooden ship, get seasickness should go to To (Havaco) 150k / person daily fare
🕷 Shipping lines: Quang Minh, Manh Quang, Kalong (except for 48 seats because of poor quality), Nguyen Viet, Havaco

In the tourist season, every weekend should contact reservations and train tickets in advance to get out of the room, missed the train ticket

*** Where to stay:

The inns in Co To have a lot in the center of the island, there are 56 rooms Coto Group rooms, extremely beautiful and clean
(Phone: em School: 098 1335.337 / em Vu Thanh Thuy: 0982.821.810)

Next are the cheaper motels such as: Thanh Mang room rates daily 300-400k / bed room 1.8m, holidays 700-800k / night

You can stay at Hong VAN beach at Coto Park cocoon 2 people sleep: 200k / night to welcome sea vases, if you go to high-end family Bungalow Bungalow: 800k / count on weekdays, 1 , 2-1.4tr / night closed toilet
(Coto Park Management Mr. Hung: 096 9.820.116)


The island is popular food is seafood, can be ordered to stay in the motel, 120k-150k / full food out

Or order a BBQ at the beach at Co To Park, or go to the town with many eateries

Where to play:

Places to visit in Co To: Cau Ma Rocky Beach where the photo is extremely beautiful, Hai Dang Station here you can enjoy the panoramic view of this wonderful island, the LOVE road where wedding photography is extremely beautiful, home Uncle Ho's memorabilia

The sites can rent bikes, trams, or motorbikes rented at the lodge or

(Contact to rent motorbikes, electric, bicycle Mr. Hung: 096 9.820.116)

Bathing and playing at Co To water park, there are two main beaches are Hong Van and Van Chai, watching the sunset or dawn with your lover, remember the whole life 😀

Half day can rent wooden boat to Co To bath and lunch on the island, the price of the whole boat is 600k / 12 people

On the Co Soi children have stilt house, service enough for 60-120 people, there are check service forest, campfire, bath and lunch dinner

(Contact Mr. Son: 0962.168.699)

The most impressive water color green on this small island, green what green as jade, beautiful as checkin poetry extremely impressive

*** Buy seafood brought back:

The most famous Co To seafood is Co To, the most delicious of all kinds, but to buy standard ink is no longer simple, can ask the Acupuncture people should buy standard products, avoid buying in send out

I buy the ink Mang Mang home owner, Mang, ink traders for centuries

Thus, the total cost of going to Hanoi from Hanoi is only about 900k - 1.5tr / person, you have had fun days 2 days 1 night with friends on weekends

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