RESULTS: “Portraits of Vietnam Steemians 2018” Contest

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“They were all so touching and amazing. I was really impressed with the Vietnam community and how everyone stuck up for each other. It is truly beautiful. I wish everyone could win … It was not easy making the decision because like I said there were so many cool entries. How about I donate three more steem so we can reward four people instead of three?” - @Rasamuel - a Curie Curator who is in charge of the Gaming Sub-community - our judge for the contest.

Portraits of VN Steemians 2018.jpg

With Rasamuel‘s great support we finally chose four prizes for our four content creators. As he said, it’s really not an easy task for us as there were so many good posts. We even created a fourth prize as we couldn’t pick only three.

If you would like to read more about the contest, you can find the original post here: CONTEST: Portraits of Vietnam Steemians 2018

I would like to say a big thank you again to Rasamuel for your kindness and support, specially your offer to donate towards the fourth prize. You have given so much of your time already so @kabir88 has agreed to provide support for all four prizes for the Vietnam Community.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this contest and took time to share your experiences of being a member of the Vietnam Community. So, we can now reveal the winners of the “Portraits of Vietnam Steemians 2018” contest:

  • First prize: @a-alice with her entry about Dang007 - wins 6 sbd
  • Second prize: @lenancie with her entry about Vietnam Community - wins 5 sbd
  • Third prize: @lienminh247 with his entry about Lenancie - wins 4 sbd
  • Consolation prize: @fotografia101 with her entry about Adam.tran - win 3 sbd
  • Special prizes: @dang007, @lenancie, @adam.tran will receive a scribble style portrait drawing each as gifts from me for being nominated by the Vietnam Community for all the great work they have done and inspiring others.

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Here are the links to the four winning entries:

  • Portraits of Vietnam Steemians 2018 : My Uncle
    A-alice gave everyone an overview of Dang007 's activities to support the Vietnam Community from the early days to now. She also wrote some interesting stories about him. From her entry we can feel her great love and gratitude for Mr. Dang

  • Portraits of Vietnam Steemians 2018: Hình ảnh Người Việt Nam trên Steemit trong mắt tôi
    This entry was someone thinking out of the box. Lenancie built a great picture of the whole Vietnam Community through many short snapshots of Vietnam Steemians. She shared her love for the whole community through her post.

  • Portrait of the Vietnam Steemians 2018: Ngoc curie
    Lienminh247 shared his personal view of Lenancie through his own journey on Steemit and in the Vietnam community. It’s through challenges and the passing of time we learn about those we can depend on and discover great friends. Lienminh 's story was very personal and really touching. He also gave an insight into Lenancies work as an administrator and a curator, working to support the Vietnam Community.

  • Portraits of Vietnam Steemians 2018: Adam The Man Tran
    Fotografia101 is from the Philippines and one of a number of non-Vietnamese who have joined the Vietnam Community. Her post is a great story of two people becoming good friends and tells of how she has found people who have provided her with support and engagement. It shows that we can all find great friends here on Steemit.

You can read more entries from our Vietnam Community here. Each of the entries is a very personal view of steemian's experience of our amazing and fast growing community. Thank you to everyone for making this a great place to share, learn and find friends.

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it. It gives me great joy to be able to share my experiences with you all. If you enjoyed reading this, please share it with others.


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To @livvu and @kabir88, from the bottom of my heart thank you very much! I appreciate the consolation prize! Winning is nothing but the thought of thanking Mr @adam.tran is something! He is a true inspiration to my being and I meant every word I wrote on my piece. Thanks to the Vietnamese community and to all my super close Vietnamese friends (special mention @lecongdoo3) for always supporting me in whatever I do. Let's Steem on and more steem power to all!


Thank you @fotografia101 for your kind words. Your recognition is well deserved and we are lucky to have your contribution.

Keep doing what you're doing x

Well done everyone who took part and a special congratulations to all the winners. All the prizes have now been paid out.

livvu contest prizes.png

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Such a meaningful contest! Thank you for you guys’ hard work! @rasamuel

Congrats to @a-alice , @lenancie and @lienminh247, especially @fotografia101 :)


Thank you very much for your support @kabir88


thank you very much <3 ^^

Chúc mừng @livvu, bạn đã nhận được một upvote 25%. Tôi là con bot của cộng đồng Việt Nam trên Steemit. Tôi được tạo ra bởi nhân chứng @quochuy và được uỷ quyền, tín nhiệm bởi các thành viên Việt Nam, hôm nay tôi vote cho bài của bạn để ủng hộ bạn. Tôi hi vọng sẽ được thấy nhiều bài viết hay từ bạn.

Chúc bạn vui vẻ, và hẹn gặp lại một ngày gần đây.


Cảm ơn @teamvn cùng ban điều hành nhé!!

congratulate to all the winners

Congratulations to all winners. You all deserve it. :D

It was truly a huge honor to judge this amazing contest! Thank you all for giving me the privilege. You all make me want to visit Viet Nam as fast as possible with all the love shown in your amazing community.

Also thanks to @livVu for hosting the contest. And congrats to all the winners! Cheers xD.


Cutie Ras, you are so awesome. your google translation is amazing. Thanks once again for joining us. Big hug! xD.
p/s: Yes, pls come to Vietnam as soon as possible.

·'re awesome, Lennie!


Your comment is very cute ^^ I'm glad you want to come to Vietnam


lol. thanks @a-alice. save some pho for me.


Please come here soon @rasamuel :-D


ha ha will do! Cheers, Liv.

Yay yay yay. Thắng đúp luônnnn. Hehehe. Cảm ơn chị Liv, bạn Ras và anh Kabir đã tổ chức cuộc thi tuyệt vời này. Vui quáaaaa


đấy là chị còn viết cho vui, k biết tranh giải thì ntn hahhaa


Hahhaa. Chị hay lắm, làm lớt phớt hay được này. Mà tập trung công sức vào điều gì thì rớt chỏng vó từ vòng nhìn từ xa :)) Mà em thấy chị đoán chuẩn ko?! Em lại bị ông chú ghét vì lại thắng :))


phớt lờ nhuwg thật nguy hiểm và đáng nể
ôi thế lần sau e tham gia trò chơi gì nhờ chị cmt ms linh, thật luôn, chị ko cmt e cx ko dc để ý hahahah

omg !! I was really surprised and touched. I do not know how to describe my feelings now .. thank you for hosting this contest @livvu, @kabir88, @Rasamuel , @kbr ^^ (I still feel surprised because you can read the words I write, hahaha I'm speak EL very not good )
Have a nice day! This is also fun for @dang007 :D <3 Congratulations to all the winners !!


Thank you for taking part @a-alice. Your prize was well deserved. Congratulations!

I'm very impressed with the Vietnamese community also!


Thank you @vaansteam!

I hope you can share some of your steem experience with the community as I am sure we could all learn a lot from you

:D Chúc mừng mọi người đã có một cuộc thi vui vẻ. Cảm ơn @livvu đã dành thời gian và công sức ra để tổ chức cuộc thi.


Rất hân hạnh @carlpei :D

Congratulations ! @adam.tran vs @fotografia101 :D

K win rồi. huhu. chúc mừng mọi người. Buồn quá mà. =)))


của bạn là một mục tuyệt vời quá @hanggggbeeee bạn chỉ không giành chiến thắng vì đã có rất nhiều mục trên chú Dang. Chúc mừng xD. Xin lỗi, dịch google của tôi lol.


Lol. Your comment is so cute.
With me this contest is just an excuse for me to write down what I want to say to the one I really apreciate (I can’t just suddenly tell him about it. That is not my style. Lol). I didn’t follow the guidelines, just recall my memories. I joined it not for the reward. The reward is just a bonus. But unlucky me, I can’t even get the bonus. Hahaa.
Thank you for your compliment @rasamuel. Google translation really did great job :))))


lol. thanks hanggg..I'm sure he got the message. Cheers!

@livvu Great contest! Glad to see you posting again, its been a while 😌


Thank you @daddyku yes I'm back now. Glad to hear from you

@livvu you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!


Thank you very much @flagfixer

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