I'm getting ready for next Steemit Vietnam meetup! It's so excited...

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Hello Vietnamese community!

After last meetups in Hanoi and Saigon, I get more excited. And I wanted to join these meetups since first meetup in Hanoi last year. I think it was impossible for me to join them because of expensive flight tickets. But in last meetup, I noticed that I can join them online too. I don't have to be in there, but I can join online and talk with you in there.

I want to make a presentation about Steemit for new users. Because I know it's difficult to understand everything on Steemit for beginners. And even guides are in expert level mostly. I passed through these obstacles, so I wanted to help new Vietnamese users.

First slide of the presentation.

Today I started to prepare my presentation file. But I want to ask few things to you!

  1. I will talk about earning money on Steemit, but you can also suggest me different topics. What do you want me to talk about in my presentation?
  2. I'm planning to make presentation for an hour or something if I talk about everything, but new users will understand everything better. Do you want me to talk only few minutes in specific topic or do you want me to talk about everything detailed? (If you want me to talk long, I'm sure I'll give few breaks for you and me, don't worry!)
  3. Do you have any suggestions to improve presentation? (like real time translator, interactive presentation, contests during presentation etc.)

I want something from you if I join to next meetup. I want somebody to record whole presentation for me, so I can see all of you and talk to you as well. Or maybe we can find another way as well, just write your ideas below on comment section please.

I don't know where will it be and when will it be, but I'm sure it will be awesome! Because you guys are so awesome!


Getting excited about it!

Do you have any suggestions for me?

I am thinking about difficulties when u first used steemit. Tricks to increase reputation score!
How does it sound?!

You can sing an English song to make people get excited. LOL :D Seriously, if you want to convince people to believe in your strategy, you should give some examples that shows how much profit is. You can also use Excel to calculate in front of the audiences. One more thing, please speak clearly and slowly enough because most of Vietnamese people are not very good at English, but we want to get points from you, not an interpreter. :) It's waste of time and sometimes, we may not know exactly what you mean. :D

And don't forget QUALITY CONTENT also matters. There are curie's out there and Steem cleaners. After all this platform was built for contributors with good intention. Like you @lecongdoo3

I will have title for "posts and comments." I will also have title for steemcleaners. Thank you for suggestions! Do you think that it should be long presentation or short presentation?

Absolutely. Though I'm not that good. :) u should send your post to Curie. :)

I'm thinking about interactive presentation, but singing a song won't be part of that hahah.
Using Excel is good idea, but I should think about how can I use it etc. I had an Excel file for showing profit, maybe I can use it.
I'm not native speaker, I can speak slow for people to understand. Maybe I can add Vietnamese subtitles in future too. But I will need more time for it. Thank you for suggestions.

Some question for your topic

  • how many way earn money on steemit?
  • detail for all?
  • positive and negative per way?
  • recommend for each of all

Thank you for suggestions, I will consider it while preparing my presentation.

I'm very eager to see your face, ha ha

I have some plans for it :)
Do you have any suggestions about presentation?

I'm truly glad you are preparing for the next meetup from now. So I'd like to have some suggestions.

  • Personally, short is better than long presentation. Similarly to reading, probably we are lazy to listen to something ( intensively) 1 hour long. LOL. And it wouldn't drain your energy as well.
  • If you decided to go for short one. Prob you can pick 1,2 or 3 topics to share with them but not continously. It depends on you whether you'll choose what to share, or creating a poll for people to know what they want to listen.
  • For them, especially newbies or interested non-Steemians, you can send to someone in VN to translate in advance your presentation. To make it purely Vietnamese or both English-Viet.
  • Don't forget giveaway part xD

Some personal ideas. The decision is yours. Thanks for reading :-)

The decision is organizer's of the meetup. But I really want to make long presentation that people will understand, I can add short coffee breaks to make it better to understand (like 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes coffee break and 20 minutes presentation again).
I'm planning to choose 7 topics including commenting, posting, using bots, etc. I was thinking about last topic name, I think giveaway is good idea. Maybe I can make interactive giveaway during meetup as well.
Sending it to somebody who is Vietnamese is good idea. But maybe it doesn't work for first meetup in future. I can prepare a video file with subtitles. Mostly my presentation file will have images, so I maybe I won't need subtitles, I can write Vietnamese next to it.
I'm planning to use Teamviewer or Skype but I think Skype is better with Vietnamese internet (according to my experience).
Creating poll for short presentation is good idea. Maybe I can make it interactive too (I can remove parts that people don't want to listen about after poll during meetup).
I also want to ask to @hanggggbeeee and @dang007 about their opinions. Especially @hanggggbeeee is expert about meetups, so she will know it good. May I use 1 hour during meetup?

Thank you @hungrybanana for your plan for next meet up. Why didn’t you mention me earlier. :))
In my opinion, meet up always needs a lot of things to do and I prefer something vietnamese people can do together directly in meet up. Because that is their meet up, they need to join in it. That is what i want. There were some problems in last meet up. It’s vietnamese felt really lost in their own meet up when the guest was talking to them via video call. Even though the guest was hightouch - the developer of dtube, the fouder of new platform on steemit. And even though he just talked within 20mins. @quochuy also had just 20 mins.

I agree with @adam.tran’s opinion. Short is better. Around 20mins. And just 1 or 2 topics. Because most of vietnamese is not good at english even in basis, especially listening skill, they need translation all the time so talking to the guess too long is not a good idea, i think, from the esperience of the last meet up. The presentation online need to be restricted since I think presentation in person is more attractive with people. I also want to give more presentation for vietnamese to make them feel that they own their meet up. Next meet up hasn’t been planned yet. I’m now still not sure about the presentation, i will schedule it when I have a plan for next meet up.
Thank you! ^^

Can we plan a poll for it and ask to audience during meetup? So I can talk about topics that they really need. I can prepare full presentation with different topics and I can remove it after revealing poll results. And it will be interactive, so don't worry about language and getting bored problems.
I didn't mention earlier, because I just decided to join after last meetup. Because I didn't know I can join online before.
I'll send you more information about my plans on discord.

I also think each topic needs to be short unless it is a Meetup with specialised topic.

Like you could do a once or twice a year General Meetup where we can have multiple short presentations to introduce the stopic of Steem to more users. Those who want to learn more can contact the presenters.

Then, maybe more frequently, someone can organise specialised meetups. For example a two or three hours Meetup to discuss one or maximum topics. Then users interested in that particular topic wouldn’t mind sitting and listening for longer period. Those kind of meetups can also be held online: Skype conferences, Discord voice chat etc...

We have to keep in mind two challenges within our community:

  1. The language barrier, especially in spoken form
  2. The complexity of Steem and the crypto technologies

These two points, when combined together, will lead to a much shorter attention span.

I saw another community had Discord voice chat every week for around 2 hours. We can do it for Vietnamese community too. I know their system, so I can help about this as well.
I will try to find a way to solve challenges you mentioned.

I appreciate your energy 😊
There are multiple communities that have regular Discord voice:

  • PAL has their MSP Waves Radio show that runs I think almost every day
  • PYPT (Pump Your Post Thursday)
  • Steemitgigs that does it weekely and last for over 8 hours with talks and singing
  • SteemStars radio show

Team Vietnam Discord server has a voice room too but we have not yet set any program. You are more than welcome to organise something. Just come up with topics, date and time and take over the voice channel.

I'll give you more details on Discord then!

Quochuy and I have the same points. Last meet up, when the special guest who is really famous one on steemit talked to us. He talked with english but I couldn’t understand all what he said to translate. Because he is origine turkish and living in france. His english form is so different with vietnamese english form. Firstly, when I planned for meet up, I didn’t want to make any online presentation because I knew the language problems. There were just two online presentations: one was hightouch - fouder of fundition which is a platform donating money for all expense of meet up. And one was @quochuy - our witness, to introduce about @teamvn bot made by him

I think the idea of making meet up online on discord is really good. Thanks @quochuy. @hungrybanana, we can carry out step by step with all your topics. Lets try with some topic of yours first. If it’s good, we will schedule to do it monthly with your every topic and others’ as well.

I'll be waiting for result!

em moi tham gia anh chi e cach kiem tien voi