Canoeing & Conversational Hypnosis for Feeling Good Faster (Vlog 071918)

in vlogs •  5 months ago

In This Video: Conversational Hypnosis while canoeing to help you get into that Feeling Good Thing Faster, Easier, Better.... ;o) (Vlog 071918)

The Music is Song #42, "Raised & Called" from my very first (and very out of print) "Album", "Songs Through A Window" recorded in 1982! While it sounds a lot different from my voice today. It's a good reminder that some things worth "going for" sometimes take LONGER than we think. LOL.

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Thank you! That felt great. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's footage. I hope you had a fantastic paddle and dinner.


OH BTW... did you know there is a wordpress plug-in called "Steempress" so you can post to Steem at the same time as your wordpress site? It works well and is easy.


hey artemisnorth! I just found your comments... I was looking in the wrong place.... "comments" but I found you in "replies"... still a steemit nube am I :o). I'm starting to upload content every day now. So if you're still around check it out and let me know what you think!