A Dangerously Hypnotic Idea: Pleasure Stacking To Achieve Goals (071818 Vlog)

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A Dangerously Hypnotic Idea: Pleasure Stacking To Achieve Goals (071818 Vlog)
In This Video: I do something difficult for me. And I do some stuff that's EASY for me. And I think some thoughts and make some connections and deliver a sweet little Modern Jedi Mind Mastery Moment AND... tease you with a little music from my CD, "The Key To Your Cage"... in other words I STACKED a bunch of stuff that I find PLEASURABLE around and through some stuff (self promotion) that I find NOT PLEASURABLE... and did it all at the same time. So a. It collapses the negative anchors into the positive ones and b. It makes it even EASIER to justify getting out on the river every single damn day that I can! Paddle on! Cowabungah! Shazaam!

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I loved this video! Vlogs are not stupid! And if you are out on the water even better! And the best part? Your music!