Road to 100000 Steem Power & Self-Improvement Log Day 149

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This is my journey towards 100000 Steem Power Day 149 with no prior investments! (Meaning I started on Steem with 0 account value!). I am a very dedicated individual and I want you guys to be a part of my journey to get you motivated and to learn from my mistakes!

Besides my daily description of what I did to reach that goal today, I will also use this as a "journal" to keep track of my other personal goals.

If you have any suggestions, want to help or work together with me or just want to leave feedback then just write that in the comments.

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What I did Today to Reach my Goal

Today I wrote and recorded a post/video on how to see who your biggest and most loyal supporters are and how much US Dollars you made in the last 7 days.

To read the full post click HERE or watch the video only version below.

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Training - Reach 90KG with 12% Bodyfat by July 2018

No official training today

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I woke up at 05:30 drinking coffee and taking my Modafinil. When I take Modafinil my productivity is always next level.

I got paperwork done, cleaned the house, meditated for 10 minutes on the Eiwaz rune (before bed it will be Fehu), did my morning routine and spend around 300 Euros on a couple of things.

I bought army pants with a fitting belt, a new wall tapestry, 2 new books (The Necronomicon by Lovecraft and the Alchemist by Coelho), a Thor statue, a golden Mjolnor pendant, and some other stuff.

I need most of these things for my religious practices, the golden Mjolnir will be for Odinist holidays & days of remembrance, the statue will be for my Thor altar here at home (picture when its done will be uploaded).

The wall tapestry is bigger than the one behind me and will be placed either in my bedroom or in the living room on the wall next to the altar.


It is a Viking ship heading for land led by a Viking with a winged helmet.

I feel really good being surrounded by the art of my ancestors. It makes me feel more at home, protected, guided and comfortable.

Besides that, it gives me more drive, willpower, discipline and hope.
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That tapestry is looking amazing, could you provide link with details such as price, dimensions?

Looking forward to see pictures - of statue and pendant, especially!

Thank you, checking out. The smallest is looking promising for me :D

The smallest tapestry is what you see behind me, I really wonder how a large tapestry looks like.

By the way, I ordered medium size for the new tapestry.

Thanks for the link @valorforfreedom, you saved the time. And you showed me a great place for tapestry shopping as I never heard this site, and it ships to my country too.

It is always motivating that you strictly follow your to-do list to reach the goal. Not sure what were your goals for first 2 months (Had you written them in your first posts?).

  • Your waking up time is excellent. From 11AM to 7AM, now it is 5:30AM.
  • Completing the spiritual activities and daily routine activities is a good start for any day.
  • I liked the tapestry and your description of that.

By the way, I joined your Discord community.

Thank you RKM.
I started with monthly goals in February.

I wish you could also see your most loyal supporters from longer than 7 days ago. Other than that, is a great website, it's a bit more clear than steemworld.

That would be epic indeed.
I, however, know who my greatest supporters are.

@Humanearl, @Heimindanger, @Hopehuggs & @Flauwy

this is what I love my friend. your motivation that keeps our spirit burning. I am also a beginner with very little Steem Power, but I remain positive that later I will have a lot of steam power without investment. we expect support and a little way to get more steam power from you.

Thank you Agusscout.

You get support from my posts, comments, on the SteemSchool Discord server and in my Steemit coaching.

thanks a lot of friends, this is a tremendous reward for me. I feel very happy to follow you and you will support me.

I will take pictures of the stuff when it has arrived and upload them to my next road to posts.

Ok please do, we'd be expecting.

Great job on your steemit journey. You're truly inspiring. Something tells me i have stumbled on your youtube page before, but i am not so sure

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@samoosa thank you sir you can upvote me very good

@valorforfreedom Your posts and videos are always inspiring and educating...that's why i always look out for your posts because i know i must get something out of it... Thanks a lot... Please keep doing more... Cheers!

Thank you.

Me gusto mucho, espero seguir viendo tu buen contenido♥