What a view at Inkwazi Beach, South Africa I LOVE MY JOB !!!!

in vlog •  last year


Today I was on site at Inkwazi beach, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa to do some waterproofing work for a client on the flashings and this was my view....awesome :)

Who wont like a view like this every day :)

It would have been awesome if I had a drone to take photos or video of the scenery for you guys but unfortunately I'm saving up for one.... Hopefully one day soon :)

Now what the preoblem was at this property the flashings on 3 sides was full of holes and disparatly needed some attantion, luckuly for it I was there LOL

will put a follow up pics for you guys :

Peace out and remember smile more :)


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Wow what a View ;) I cant wait to see more of that place. Maybe I can send you some bitcoin to fund(to start with(it will be small but it will be a beginning) for a drone what you think? Drop your Bitcoin address for me maybe the steemit community will follow :)


Wow, I can't believe it how generous.... I would appreciate it. It just to show how close this community is :)
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