How to go to Singapore This summer - Vlog

in #vlog3 years ago

Last year I went to SG on a fully funded summer program from Pakistan.

In this vlog I am telling people how they can go to National University of Singapore this year too from Pakistan without spending any money.

I have made two vlogs before, everyday I am trying to improve my editing and videography skills. You can check out and give your critical review. I would be more than happy to listen from you.

If you are from Pakistan then you should definitely watch this vlog and try to apply. Who knows you get a chance to go there.

My experience at Singapore has been one of the best experiences of my life. I know I have learnt a lot of things from there. I will try to write about each and every day in my future blogs about Singapore.

If you are from any part of world who would like to attend this summer at NUS, then you can follow this Link


This is really great and awesome news.
I am a student and i love travelling too.
I think it is like a great opportunity.
Thanks a lot.

What a blessing and great opportunity you had, each trip and new experience increases our knowledge and cultural level. The university according to my criteria and point of view is the best time we can live.

Yes, that's so true.
I know I have learned a lot of things after my this tour and there is a clear difference in my personality,now.

Each new experience leaves a unique imprint in our lives.

looks like you have a great trip there :-)

Yeah, it was one of the best times of my life.
Now summer is just around the corner and I am like I should again go to some other country this time too :p

Maybe you do some vlog about life in Pakistan?

Yes, I can do that.
In fact I am vlogging on youtube but it is in our county language which is URDU.
But not a bad idea doing it in English. I will do it.

Yes I'm waiting for that!

Aww, thank you so much.
Definitely will do that and invite you for the critical review which could help me to improve my future vlogs.

Oh nice enjoy there

I think, you very happy go to Singapore at summer ..

Yes, I was very happy and had really great time there.
One reason could be that it was my first time out of the country.

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