Vlog: Crypto chickens

in vlog •  2 months ago

It's been a while since I did a vlog. It's a windy, but warm day here. I'd just been and bought supplies for my chickens using my Wirex debit card that is funded with my Steem. I like to use it to pay a few bills and help the family finances. My big spend will be on my @Steemfest trip to Poland in a couple of months. I need to book the hotel this week.

Wirex are on Steemit with the non-obvious name of @communitymanager. They recently added Ethereum wallets, so you have a choice of what crypto you use to fund your card. I've used Litecoin as the fees are fairly low. I like the convenience of spending what I make here. It's contactless, so it takes no time if you are not spending too much.

The chickens are find. I got them some mealworms, which they love.

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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I have always been a big fan of LTC. It is the first crypto I ever bought, even before I had a Steemit account. I want to check out the Wirex card that you have been talking about sometime. I think I need to wait until my Steemit account is a little bigger and some of the residual income I make can go onto the card. Right now I would just be robbing myself to pay somewhere else :P.

Nice place you live @steevc - speaking of chicken - I see a lot of them currently in the villages of Bulgaria - here from wifey#s granddad - they seem to eat anything they get. Great nature here still and they live from the fruits and vegetables they produce in their gardens.



Ours find something around the garden, but we still need to feed them


Ours find something
Around the garden, but we
Still need to feed them

                 - steevc

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Your garden looks so windy. I hope your crypto chickens don't get blown away.

Not so windy down our way, where we had a family get-together at Prezzos, a chain that does 40 percent vouchers, maybe related to the chain's massive financial troubles.

It's a shame that Steem, and Cryptos generally, are down just as you are booking Steemfest, but I'm sure it will all be worth it when you get there.

That Wirex card looks like something worth having in the future, but first up for me is the ukulele, which I explained, when asked at today's lunch, is what I'd most for my impending birthday.

If I get shirts, scarves or socks, I'll do my nut. :)

None of my courgettes lasted that long! My aunt to used to make marrow and ginger preserve and @foxyspirit posted a great recipe for relish.


Somehow we miss some before they get huge, but we can't even use all the regular ones. We give a lot away. We're not that hot on preserving stuff.

That INX hotel looks very plush and its the cheaper of the two. I'll grab a room if there's any left. It's going to be quite costly, around 1000 euros for both of us and that's for a plankton and minnow ticket.

As we are only staying for half the event I don't feel too guilty about this.


I think you'll have a great time anyway.

I have to show your pumpkin to my dad!!! He has not big pumpkin like yours in his garden! ^_^


We wouldn't call it a pumpkin, but I expect it's related. It's a courgette/zucchini. Here's some others we got recently


Glad to see the crypto-chickens doing well :-)
And the courgettes too it would seem. So when they get that big are they bitter? or what's the reason (apart from that fact that they are huge) that means they're no good for eating?


I think the small ones are sweeter and we just don't need that much