1 on 1 w/ @captainbob Steem Cafe Eps 21 Part 2

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Hi everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful day. We have @captainbob as are guest today. This part 2 of 2. It was a great pleasure of mine to have him as are guest. Brad is great guy. He was one of the first people to comment @larrymorrison. So he is super cool with @steemcreators.

Brad has wonderful insight to Steem. His videos demonstrate that. But also he shows a high level of caring for his fellow person. Please follow him and watch his videos. He likes to share his wisdom on the Steem platform. He wants to build relationships with other Steem users. He shares heartfelt comments & engagement with other users. "Meaningful Commentary." Enjoy.

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Great interview I.J. and @captainbob! That was fun to watch. Looking forward to eventually seeing the in-person interviews you were talking about @captainbob. I get a kick out of these types of @dtube vids. Have a great day!

@scottshots. You ROCK!!! Thanks for all the love bro.

No man, you ROCK I.J. haha! Creating that steemy content like a champ!!!

Good work you guys are doing. Kudos to @steemcreators

already upvoted, followed, and commented :)
i hope your project will be success

Thank you for introducing @captainbob to me. I became her friend. Because he's a great guy, I'll look at his videos and comment on his videos. Thank you @ aiyub99 will start subcribe his account.

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@steemcafe , you are amaizing bro!

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Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

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