Late Sunday Vlog: VeChainThor Winners + Updates.

in vlog •  3 months ago

Sup everyone, sorry for the wait : (! But here is Sundays Video that was meant for Saturday!

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Ok. I can tell you do not have a girl friend. 😁

Was I the someone that made that really good comment about bitconnect?


Yeah, I just couldn't think think of ur name right away!


Yeah back, funny the Steemit girls remember my name.

Hi @sirlunchthehost you're the best :)
thanks for helping this amazing community

Congratulation to all winners
cheers dear

Good job buddy
congrats to winners
i'll be here waiting or your new video

Hello, @sirlunchthehost you are doing pretty good job here. I am among the winners for the vechainthor Votu Prosper my YouTube user name please kindly check your comments below I have posted my VET address.
Thanks a lot for the good work, God bless.