Halloween Bash Hip Hop Show Part 1!!!!! Check out the fun we had the other night at my hip hop show!!!!!

in #vlog4 years ago (edited)

Hip Hop shows are always a lot of fun especially when you have your own set to perform!!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy this short vlog of the show. I will have part 2 uploaded as soon as I finish editing it. All I can say is that we had a wild night!!!!!

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I hope you all enjoy this video

Until the next post


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My nigga!!! I watched the whole video and you aint perform!!!! Smh

That's why it's called part 1...lol...I had to get the performance from Timmy cuz my brotha thought he was recording my set but he was taking pictures the whole time...lmfao...but I got the videos of my whole set and I will be putting it out today

Enjoy your life man, we got you supported.

BTW been a while i last saw your steemit update, cool to come across this one

Thanks for coming through and yes it has been a while hit me up on discord whenever!!!!

I will do so boss, because i have project idea i want to share with you

sounds good....my handle is mrsanchez on there

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great vlog video. its like a freedom

that looked so fun!

Love it @mrviquez

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thank you bro
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best vidou and best post

enjoy yourself bro you are amazing ! ;)

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Mr. G !

Where are you? Haven't seen you on Discord in ages.


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I love this post
thank you mrviquez

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