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Hello DTube and Steemians!

In this video I show you around my home studio. We will take a look at the gear that I use most of the time. I just leave all my lights up and tripod the whole time, because I use them so much, haha. One day I will give a tour of my work studio, it is a pretty awesome green screen studio. One thing you will notice is I use lots of light. Video cameras like light. : ) DSLRs are great for video because they can film in low light situations without a big loss in quality and grainy looking footage.

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Gear shown/used in this video:

  • Canon 70D DSLR camera
  • Juicedlink mixer
  • Rode Videopro mic
  • Amazon Basics mic stand
  • Sony lavaliere mic
  • Bright Tungsten Lights
  • iMac 27"
  • extra monitor 27"

*This is my original content and owned by me. The camera illustration on the thumbnail came from Pixabay.

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Very good video friend @mrchef111. I would like to have all those computers for my videos. God bless you ... You are the maximum!


Thank you Sara! hahaha :) God bless you too! :)

I love these kinds of gear breakdowns. I think I'll do one of my own today for practice as I've upgraded practically everything since I joined Steemit in February. It's been a journey, and one that I don't expect ever ends, ha ha!


Thank you! Yeah they are fun, it is always nice to see what kind of equipment people are using for their videos, podcasts, etc. Definitely a journey! haha