DDaily Coffee & Pet Shop | Drip coffee is important for Cardio!

in vlog •  2 months ago

hi friends, today sky was not sunny so it spoiled my mood till 16.30 then suddenly i decided to go gym. Of course after the gym it's important to drink drip coffee actually you can drink it whenever you want because it helps you to burn fat! If your aim is losing weight you should drink at least 1 drip coffee in a day or a green tea it's up to you. After the coffee me and my bro went a pet shop and i have filmed some footage from there for you. At the end of video you see my current aquarium actually thats why we went to pet shop we wanted to buy new fishes but we couldn't find the ones that we want so we'll go to another place this week! c'ya later! Thanks for watching.

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You look so much alike you and your brother wow! Also I loved to see the puppies at the pet shop 😊@kalvas


lol yeah, i’ve heard this very much these days especially after the hair cut! People ask if you are twin ?! But my bro 6 ages older than me lol