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They built a damn ferris wheel right in the middle of the busiest downtown Raleigh intersection for New Years Eve 2018. In today's vlog we hang out on the day before NYE and hit up some of my favorite coffee and food spots, specifically Raleigh Provisions and Sir Walter Coffee (links below).

I even went on an errand to get coffee for the woman who works at Provisions cuz she didn't have time to do so herself. Basically we were just doing good for the people of Raleigh all day, collecting good karma for 2019 while also making some freaky electronic grooves and being creative.

Here's the vlog:

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Sir Walter Coffee:

Raleigh Provisions:

This is episode 2 of the QUIXOTIC FLUX VLOG.


QUIXOTIC FLUX is a media company that creates/curates/distributes creative artworks of all kinds, music books clothing and more, based out of Raleigh NC. It's a new thing i am building and this vlog is the very first piece of it.

There isn't a Quixotic Flux page yet but subscribe here and on other pages like Twitter or Instagram (always @heymattsokol) to stay in the loop.

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