Egypt Trip Vlog - Part 3 - "Nyan Cat Sprint"

in vlog •  7 months ago

Part 3 is up!
For those who found this for the first time, here is what this is about:

In May 2018 we went on a 9-day family vacation to Egypt, and I shot videos of almost everything. I am making the Vlog into episodes coz there is just too much footage and editing is taking a long time. My family had been waiting for the videos forever!
Smaller episodes are easier for me.

In this episode, we travel to Alexandria where we visit the Catacombs (videography wasn't allowed inside).
The place was scary! Spiral stairs going deep underground where mummies are housed (insert shudder emoji).

Then we move to Pompey's Pillar where we meet "Mau" the cat (that's what my son and I named her). I posted some beautiful pictures of her in this post.

This is where the historic sprinting contest was held between my son and my wife 😆🏃🏻

Then we move onto the Citadel of Qaitbay which is a 15th-century defensive fortress located on the Mediterranean seacoast in Alexandria. The weather was amazing and we have a lot of fun roaming around and just taking in the breeze and the view from the Citadel.

And the final spot for the day was the Library of Alexandria.

For this vlog's giveaway: The first one to tell me in the comments what we had for lunch in the video, will get 1 SBD. 😊

Until next time....

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I think the main dish was Falafels. It looks like what I had for the first time today at my son's companies cookout. I was told it was chickpeas and spices fried. It was too spicy for me.

A trip to Egypt is on my bucket list. I love history and I'm fascinated with amazing structures (pyramids, Sphinx, and the Temples)


That is correct my friend! 1 SBD on your way :)
You gotta check that off the bucket list soon.. its a super place to visit ✨


Thank you for 1 SBD. I plan on checking it off, I just need to find someone willing to go there with me.

There were many things but some of these were fries, and things like kabab, one of that was looking like an egg dish...Please correct me if I ll be wrong..Thanks for sharing nice story...


I am looking for the name of the main dish there, the things like Kabab which you said. They have a name. :)


Sure but I think names are different across the globe, and in my country its called Gola Kabab I think.


Alright, I am gonna wait for someone else to comment the actual name of the dish. But sending you 1 SBD anyways for trying :)
Cheers! 🍻

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