Volcanic Explosions in Las Vegas

in vlog •  6 months ago

While my wife and I were in Vegas, we stopped outside of The Mirage Hotel before our show to watch the volcano show that they do 3 times a night. While we were watching the show, you could feel the heat from the fire as it shot up. It was pretty intense.

Once the volcano show was over, we headed inside The Mirage to The Beatles Love show by Cirque du Soleil. That was an incredible show that I would highly recommend anyone visiting Las Vegas to make some time to go and see.

I hope that you enjoyed this short video from The Mirage from my trip to Vegas. If you are ever in Vegas, I recommend you check out the volcano show in person. It is amazing. There are a lot of free shows like this that go on all the time that are really cool.

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that was something else.

Thanks. I've never managed to get myself there to see that show. Looks pretty darn cool!

That's some crazy pyrotechnics! Thanks for sharing this, felt like I was there minus the heat :P