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RE: Vlog 3 - When the Weather Screws You

in #vlog5 years ago (edited)'s a highway that runs from Vancouver all the way up to Pemberton. It's a main highway and the only highway in or out of the north parts. Local media have called it the "Killer Highway", the "Highway of Death", and the "Ski-And-Die Highway.My son drives it everyday to work in Vancouver. An hour there and an hour back.

It is about 135km and would take about 2 hours to drive if you didn't stop for photos.

The scenery is other worldly - mountains on your right and the pacific coast on your left.

And yes you would see Squamish - the highway runs right through the middle of the small town. I'd even get you to introduce yourself to my son. You are about the same ages.


I sent you a message on discord :)

Awww...I'm not on there anymore. boooo.....You can message me on steemitchat though :)

Oh, I see. I'll try to log in tomorrow on Steemit chat.

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