Not all your videos are winners...Always strive to make better content!

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As content creators we have to balance the nature of making content as fast as possible with making the best content possible. Its not always easy and we don't always succeed. That's why when it comes down to it we have to accept that not all of our videos are great. Not every video will be a winner. Sometime our videos will suck. That shouldn't be a deterrent though, we should look at it as an opportunity to make our next video bigger and better than the one before it.

Video Gear

Camera -
Memory Cards -
Lights -
Other Light -
Gimbal -
Tripod -
Less Expensive Lights -
Monitor -

Photography Gear
Camera -
Lens -
Memory Cards -

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There are times we just have to sit down and talk; life is never perfect and exciting. This subject has been in our house all day discussing cooking, videos, and photography. Glad to know we are all on the same floor. So now to try and get something out tomorrow that doesn't suck.

There is always scope for improvement

I always say, you should never be happy with your latest video. Proud, yes. But content, no.

I agree with this 100%!!