Farmers market with Zach aka @riah-incendio 001

in vlog •  last year

Short test video with Nikon D3100 used Photoshop CC to edit the video together and add the @riah-incendio
I noticed in this video that there is no stabilaztion on this camera so I need to build a gimble and the auto focus makes lots of noise. The good thing it is also a 14mp camera so I can take some nice photos to share.
Follow @riah-incendio for some fun bootsNpants gaming. Zach is the first person I met in town 10 years ago and we have much fun together. I hope to record more vids with Zach aka @riah-incendio as we build a custom lamp for @unityeagle

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Great experience buddy @allowisticartist..
Nice market.... Photoshop CC is a very nice editor..


I will share more next week at the market. We have the market here every Saturday so I am going to do some interviews with my friends and new friends at the market and introduce them to Steem and and encourage all of them to join us on the blockchain sharing the creativity and building a network of creative exchange. When I get enough of them on steem they will all start to accept steem for the art and such that they produce. This gives us a market out side of the market a way to exchange one to one. And i am looking forward to all of the cool videos I make with them.

god bles u !

Great friend. I wait for the next video recording

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫
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