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When moving some STEEM over to tradeqwik to get ready for the ICO, I saw a pleasant surprise in my balance. My small amount of 0.00995 CROWNS magically grew to 1.0! So I bought a little more so I'd have more than just 1. Needless to say I am quite pumped! Along with that came a VTR or a Treasury Right.


I think I will try and buy some more of course, with the small amount of CROWNS that will be available it's a no-brainer. I'll also be buying up some VTR to possibly use as a way to power the Prize Portal alongside STEEM and Bitshares. Not exactly sure what qualifies as a business to the VIVAconomy, but once I find out I'll be building something around it.

You may also notice XWANG in the above screen capture, that's right WANGCHANGE is now on another exchange. @mrwang announced this literally 5 minutes ago in this post along with a notice of his team growing and the addition of a new steemian. This is great news for Wang fans. It's wangtastic!

Looking forward to seeing a roadmap from the VIVA team, this will give everyone involved more confidence I believe. Once the ICO begins I think we will see more volume and liquidity on the tradeqwik exchange.



Amazing things going on at VIVA! Go VIVA, Go STEEM! :-)

What is the min. purchase quantity for Crown?

I just tried and a notice came up saying 0.001

Thanks! I think I'll take my "short stack" and buy some. I'm really intrigued by the concept after reading the white paper.

Great to hear @taskmanager! So my TASKMANAGER is invested in some viva and crown along with others? All great to hear! Working on getting VIRGROW listed as well. Otherwise just to let you know 27.7 viva ~ XWANG = 1 WANGCENT = 0.01 WANGCHANGE.

Ohhh, good to know!
Seeing as it's a new investment, and 333 STEEM helped fund it from the TASKMANAGER pool, it does owe a portion back to the TASKMANAGER asset yes, however the % has yet to be determined as this is all quite new, also some of the funds on tradeqwik came from my personal poloniex account.

Gotcha, was just wondering. Kind of figured such.

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