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RE: VIVA Contest : If I only had a crown : Get $1 USD for each Steem

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An article by tokyodude entitled “The Polished Man project – Painting a
Fingernail to bring Awareness to Child Abuse,” dated September 10, 2016, hit home with me.
( Too bad I found this article too late to resteem it.

If I had a VIVA Crown, I would try to work with the founder of The Polished Man project to start a branch (or two or three) in the United States. This branch would incorporate VIVA as part of the non-profit business model. Perhaps the branch in Australia would incorporate Viva coins, eventually.

I would like the Viva coins to be used to help the children to get away from their abusers. This often includes helping the non-abusing parent who may also be experiencing abuse. A goal would not be to remove the child from both parents (unless both are abusers), but to keep the family together – and away from the abuser. I am currently involved with such an organization (woman and children's shelter and services) where I live, and would model my non-profit services much the same.

Honestly, I don't know how the VIVA coins would be incorporated, but I would like to see the child/family use the viva coins to purchase necessary items to begin a new life.

One of the most needed service is psychological support of the abused child, even into adulthood. This is necessary to stop the cycle. Perhaps the administrative staff and professionals who are hired to treat (free of charge to) the abused, will accept VIVA as a form of payroll payment.

Fund raisers would help support the project. The fiat raised would be used to purchase and support the VIVA program in turn.

I don't have details worked out. This is just a thought in my head.

I have bid on VIVA Crowns twice, but each time, the crowns were purchased before the bid worked down to me. (Round 1, Batches 2 & 3)

Would one VIVA Crown be enough to start this? Maybe, maybe not, but I would like to give it a try!


This is a great idea. To make an impact on something like this you would need a few crowns. The Treasury Rights would then be used to fuel an expense account for the charity. Meantime getting doctors and patients to work in VIVA helps increase the utility and ubiquity of the coin.

I like this idea, your code is "polished man"

I think this is a great idea,
I greatly admire the work one organisation in the UK does to help women and children escape from abuse, however their women focused approach leads to numerous boys being turned away or cast out of the program once they turn 16 even though they to desperately need support, protection and a place to live.
Your Idea strikes me as one that would be more inclusive of the boys in this age range so gets my support.
Your code is "Painted Nail"

Thank you williamsbanks and phoenixmaid for your confidence.

The services offered at the place in which I am involved offers services to ANYONE who has been a victim of sexual or domestic abuse, male or female. I don't know who he is, but I know at least one adult male receives services. Just from a couple quick glances of him I have had, he looks to be about 60.
I could be wrong, but I believe when people generally think of abused children, especially sexual abuse, or even domestic abuse, people think of girls and women being abused; but, boys suffer sexual and domestic abuse as well. I wouldn't want to turn away ANYONE who has suffered abuse, whether the abuse was physical, sexual, or emotional. Regardless of the abuse - it hurts - and affects the rest of one's life.

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