The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he or she is going. (David Star Jordan)

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Have you ever been standing along a road, only to hear a siren approaching? What do you do? You stand aside, waiting for the car with the siren to approach and drive by you. This might be a stupid example because by default, you should also stop and stand aside if a car with sirens approaches, but the principle is still the same - when someone comes quickly, strongly, loudly, you stand aside to let them pass by. Why? Because they are in a hurry and they know where they are going.


The same principle is true in life as well. If you know where you are going, the people will stand aside to let you pass by, because they don't really know, and they will look at you, admire you, and possibly envy you.

Of course, some people will try to hinder you, because it is better for the world if we all live the same boring lives... but in general, people will stop and watch you as you pass by, because that is a general principle of life.

John Wesly said something similar as well, that if you are on fire, people will come to see you burn. This isn't meant to be an example of burning (for real), but when you are on fire about something, people will come to see you being on fire for that cause.

So, what is your passion? Are you moving in a set direction?


Hello @alwaysgrateful

I like the analogy you make with the siren, it is true, we all have that thing that can make us notice at some point, and it will produce a certain reaction in other people, whether it is simply to step aside, to hinder or to help us.
And yes, I particularly have clear goals, that helps us to be directed to a certain point and that helps us to dedicate our efforts to achieve it.

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