Visa agents in Vietnam recognizing flaw in Evisa application "blacklist"

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The government still isn't acknowledging that this is the case because well, it is Vietnam and the government will never admit any fault in any capacity. When the Covid lockdowns were in full effect here the population tolerated it for about a month, then when the masses started overrunning checkpoints and completely bypassing authorities and ignoring them in the street, all of a sudden the government "decided" that it was now safe and the there is no need for any more lockdowns. It was kind of convenient the timing on that, doncha think?

Well recently the Vietnamese government has been making bold steps to increase tourism by extending the visa on arrivals to additional countries and extending the amount of time on said visas from 15 to 45 days. This was fantastic news for everyone especially people like myself that live here. I am sure it was great news to the thousands of businesses that really struggled during the 1.5 years that nobody in the world was allowed to go anywhere as well.

The other changes Immigration made was to bring back the 3-month tourist visa, which is something you can only acquire by applying for it. This is a relatively straightforward process and it is normally done in a few days.

I have always said that if you are living here you should definitely use an agent because even though the portal itself seems intuitive it is a computer that will reject your application for tiny little mistakes, many of which aren't even mistakes at all. I have heard of many people getting rejected because they didn't enter their middle name on the form but they didn't enter their middle name on the form because they don't actually have a middle name. Not everyone has middle names and it is really stupid that the portal in question would reject a visa application because someone doesn't actually have one of those.

This is just one of the many problems with the new Evisa portal that so many people are having problems with.

The issue isn't just that the system rejects the visa once it detects a mistake that may not even be a mistake, but in addition to the rejection the applicant's passport number gets flagged and it will be rejected the next time someone applies, even if on the 2nd attempt they do what they should have done in the first place and use an agent.


one of the major agents here in Da Nang named Lynn Visa has recognized that a lot of people have been ending up on this rejection list when they do not deserve to be that way but even they don't really know what the solution is.

What they have discovered is that the Vietnamese government has recognized, not officially but at least realized, that there was a major problem(s) with their new website application portal. They realized it was so bad that they simply scrapped the new project and reverted to the old one. The government of course didn't make any statement about this and admits no flaw or fault of their own. The government is very secretive and untouchable here and I guess that is just the way that it is.

At the moment I have a friend who is flying out of the country due to necessity and he is not really even sure if he is going to be able to get back in because he was "flagged" because he used the new website.

Agents are very careful to not be overly critical of the government on public social media but if you talk to them in person they will regale you with the tales of incompetence, corruption, and arrogance of the actual Immigration officials.

This is why the public post above is telling people to DM them in order to give them information.

For all those people out there in Vietnam visa limbo, do yourself a favor and just completely skip the online application at least until the work the kinks out of it. You might not think it could happen to you but my friend who is leaving this Thursday because of a website mistake never thought it could happen to him either... yet it did!

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