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Santa Maria del Mar is one of the oldest invocations of the Virgin. It is not related to any apparition, but to the need felt by seafarers and their families remaining on land, to have the highest protection in the sky.
Stella Maris, Star of the Sea Virgin sea.
In the darkness of night, sailors for centuries relied on the stars to orient themselves towards the safe harbor. The Virgin is the star of the evangelization that takes us to Christ, safe harbor.
It is not known with certainty, when this invocation of the Mother of God begins, but it is undoubtedly one of which has more antecedents: "Ave Maris Stella", "Salve Estrella de Mar", are the first words of a wonderful hymn whose Author was born in the year 601 of our era.
Nothing more appropriate than choosing Mary as the guiding star of sailors.
In various quotes from the Bible we find the quotation of the stars as a direct or indirect reference of the Virgin: Apocalypse (12,1-2), Ecclesiastic (50,6), The Book of the Prophet Daniel (12,3), San Paul in his Epistle to the Corinthians (15, 41) ....
In all these ancient quotations we find allusion to the Mother of God, and many later texts speak of Stella Maris.
The Name of the Virgin Mary means Star of the Sea, his role of intercessor before God and his Divine Son, pointed it to ask for mercy, help and help. For the case of the sailors was the requested amparo in the sea, the guide to reach port in life and in the sea.
The book of Kings, 18, 45-51, describes a small cloud which, rising above the sea, announced to Elijah as he prayed on Mount Carmel, the coming of the rain. This was great news as it announced the end of the severe drought. The Virgin is like that cloud, sign of the end of the drought. Jesus is the source that quenches the thirst of God.
The Carmelites, born spiritually on Mount Carmel, called the Virgin "Star of the Sea."
Many very old writers also called the Virgin: St. Jerome (4th century), Isidore of Seville (6th century), Alcuin of York and Rábano Mauro (9th century). Pascasio Radberto writes in the ninth century:
"Mary is the Star of the Sea to which we must continue with our faith and behavior as we stumble in the stormy sea of ​​life. She will enlighten us to believe in Christ born of her for the salvation of the world. "
The Hymn Ave Maris Stella (Salve starfish) is from the 8th or 9th century.
St. Bernard dedicated to the Virgin, Estrella del Mar, a poem:
"If the winds of temptation arise: if they drag you to the cliffs of despair ... look at the star; Invoke Mary.
If the waves of pride, ambition, envy, rivalry are about to drown you ... look at the Star; Call on Mary. "
Morning Star. Before the sun rises, there is a star which, being brighter than the others, remains even at dawn. It is the morning star that announces the day. Mary announces the arrival of the Lord, the coming Sun. This title is found in the Laurentian Letanias.
Stella maris
From those hermits who settled on Mount Carmel, the Carmelites distinguished themselves by their deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin, interpreting the cloud that Elias's servant saw: "A little cloud rises out of the sea like the palm of the hand" (1Re 18,44), as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.
Like the ancient sailors, who read the stars to mark their course in the ocean, Mary as the star of the sea, guides us through the difficult waters of the world, towards the safe harbor that is Christ.
When Palestine was invaded by the Saracens, the Carmelites had to leave Mount Carmel. One joyful afternoon, as they sang the Salve, the Virgin appeared to them and promised them that it would be their Star of the Sea, by the analogy of the beauty of Mount Carmel rising like a star by the Mediterranean Sea, fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah: "On that day many people will join the Lord and become my people" (Zechariah 7:14).
The Order spread throughout Europe, and the Star of the Sea accompanied them in the spread of the Order throughout the world, and the people called them "Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel." In their religious profession they consecrated themselves to God and Mary, and took the habit in their honor, as a reminder that their lives belonged to her, and through her to Christ.
San Simón Stock, appointed general of the Carmelite Order, understood that without an intervention of the Virgin, the Order would soon be extinguished. In this situation of anguish, he turned to Maria, whom he called "Flor del Carmelo" and "Estrella del Mar" and placed the Order under his protection, and begged his protection for the whole community.
In response to his prayer, on July 16, 1251, the Virgin appeared to him and gave him the scapular for the Order with the following promise:
"This must be a sign and privilege for you and for all the Carmelites: anyone who dies with the scapular will not suffer eternal fire."
Virgin mary under water
Stella Maris under water in Philippines
Not a long time would pass without every civil or military port there was one, to which those who went to embark. The first images of Our Lady "Stella Maris" had to arrive at the River of the Silver with the discoverers; But beyond devotion to it, it would not begin to spread until much later, at the beginning of the fishing activity on the Atlantic coast.
As could be no less, having as chiefs Admiral Brown, who never neglected the prayer of the Rosary, and Juan Baptist Azopardo, who used to pray before an image of Mary brought from Cadiz, the cult extended to the men who composed the endowments Of the first Argentine warships, in the struggle for independence.
By official decree signed by President Agustín P. Justo, dated August 18, 1937, the Virgin Mary, under the title of "Stella Maris" (Star of the Sea), has been declared Patroness of the Argentine Navy.
In the first recital of the decree it is stated that "the invocation of Our Lady" Stella Maris "has singular meaning for seafarers, and that their worship is particular and deeply grateful to the personnel of our Navy."
Its celebration is celebrated in the National Navy on 18 August.
By official decree signed by President Agustín P. Justo, dated August 18, 1937, the Virgin Mary, under the invocation of Stella Maris (Star of the Sea), has been declared Patroness of the Argentine Navy. In the first recital of the decree it is stated that the invocation of Our Lady "Stella Maris" has a singular meaning for seafarers, and that their worship is particular and deeply grateful to the personnel of our Navy. Although its celebration is celebrated in the Argentine Navy 18 of August, for the sailors, every day is good to entrust to her and to thank her so many graces received.

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