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We often get clients asking us to make them custom lights. Why, you may wonder, when there are over 600 on our shop floor! Sometimes a client will have size or budgetary restraint, and this is when we will help our clients to design . the perfect light for their space


For this specific client, she had a very old light that she loved, and wanted to replicate. She also had a height restriction, with a very low ceiling. This kind of light is perfect for that, as it is able to fit flush onto the ceiling, saving centimetres in space.


She gave us a picture of the old light she wanted to replicate, and my wonderful coppersmith, who has many, many years of experience, worked out exactly how to build one. We had some beautiful pieces of old cast brass patterned strips, which he was able to bend into the frame for this light. The stunning rosette at the bottom of the light was actually an old ceiling rose (the cup that covers the electrical connection point on the ceiling), and my client chose it because of its curvaceous pattern.


The spear crystals are proper antiques which we had on hand. It is no easy feat to find 40 + identical antique crystals, let me tell you that!


I think it came out so splendidly, and so did the client, who was so thrilled she ordered a second light just like this.

I love the magic we perform on a daily basis!


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Wowzers, they are spectacular!


thanks! I was also very happy when I saw the result

That is an awesome chandelier!


thank you! How nice to see your face on my post x


You are so very welcome! :)

Wow! Amazing and splendid, a big congratulations to you dear Mam, for satisfying your client 100% because she ordered an other and it's the proof of work Haha and big salute to your coppersmith who did his job perfectly and made this Chandelier as perfect as it's closer to original and it's so beautiful in look really very very pretty.
Good luck for you and your splendid job.


thank you so much! You always leave such nice comments ;)


Hi dear princess thank you for your kind attention.
Best wishes.

Wow I never knew chandeliers can be handmade, I mean like I felt it was done differently, do you like do this and get paid?


hahha! yes, this is my day job! they are made with tools, but yes, hand made

Wow this is so and so beautiful..
I guess chandeliers for extremely rich people...
One day i will buy one lol


one day! it is very beautiful x


yes one day will wait

Wow!!! It is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have a piece like that in my house but I am afraid I don't have a house to match that beauty. It would look awkward anywhere I might put it. I think I just need you to put together the whole house to make it all flow and work together.


hehe, preens - I could do that

But I think people also think OVER THE TOP when they see chandeliers. A chandelier can be very understated and clean in an ordinary space too!

like this; a beautiful and understated area with a jaw-dropping light

even this; a totally cool, serene and almost plain room elevated by it's pretty light

i'll come over any time xx

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